Sunday, 30 September 2012

SCFC Siam Cat Show #5

Our adventure in the feline world continues. This time, we went to the 10-Rings Siam Cat Show #5 held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 28 to 29 September 2012. The event, organised by the Siam Cat Fancier's Club, was held at a very nice shopping mall, the Central Plaza Chiangmai Airport. The judges were :
  • Ring 1 : Allan Davies
  • Ring 2 : Carla Bizzeel
  • Ring 3 : Diana Rothermel
  • Ring 4 : Peter Vanwonterghem
  • Ring 5 : Yanina Lukashova
  • Ring 6 : Michael Hans Schleissner
  • Ring 7 : Nadejda Rumyantseva
  • Ring 8 : Theresa Imborden-Johnson
  • Ring 9 : Irina Kharchenko
  • Ring 10 : Irina Tokmakova
Four catteries from the Feline Lovers Group (FLG) participated in this show ie Zikhafri Maine Coon, Ciku-Kiwi, Salju and Lagenda Catteries. 

Our one-bedroom apartment - nice!
We arrived a couple of days earlier, just to make sure all the cats are well rested before the show. We stayed at the gorgeous Airport Greenery Hotel, Chiangmai. We took the one-bedroom apartment whereas the others shared the two bed-room apartment. If you ever want to stay in a reasonably priced hotel which is clean and has staff that can speak in English, I would honestly recommend the Airport Greenery Hotel.

In total, the FLG entered nine cats, Lagenda fielded Muezza (GC) and Tuksido in Championship category, the ZMCs entered Maybelline in Championship category, Barney (GP) and Chunky in Premiership category and Gerbil Jr in the Kitten category, the Cikus showed Carlos (championship) and Awan (kitten) whereas the Saljus entered Kanang (GC) in Championship category. All with a mission to either GC or GP or collect e-points for their respective cats. It was a tough fight in all categories. We had to fight against fabulous persians, exotics, siberian, abyssinians, etc and not to mention the top asian maine coon ie Felis Wonder Red Dragon (gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous boy!) but to me it was worth the trip, regardless of the outcome.

Some of the breeds at the show - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

Muezza playing in Allan Davis' ring
Carla Bizzeel checking out Carlos
Unfortunately for us, things did not go as well as planned. When we registered for the show, both Kanang and Muezza had yet to grand, we only knew after the Ipoh show. So on the first day, I went up to Dick Kallmeyer, the Master Clerk, to inform of the changes. Nevertheless, in his first ring (Allan Davies), Muezza was awarded the Purple ribbon for best champion. Allan was not very pleased when I had to return the ribbon, I was happy that he thought Muezza deserves the purple ribbon but was very upset that he was not judged in the right category. Sigh. When I checked with the list, Dick had corrected Kanang's entry but not  Muezza's. :( Anyway, I went around to the other four rings and informed the ring clerks of the changes but again, at his second ring in Peter Vanwonterghem's ring, he was again awarded the purple ribbon! It was really, really a bad start! The ring clerk did not inform Peter so Muezza was again not judged as a Grand Champion. I went around again to the remaining rings, this time I checked the judges list myself, just to make sure there were no more mistakes. The good news was that he went on to final in two rings but I believe the damage was done.
Barney and Chunky at Diana Rothermel's ring

On the second day, we fared better. And the best news was that Tuksido even managed to get the purple ribbon and went on to win the 3rd Best Longhair Champion in Theresa Imborden-Johnson's ring! His first ever ribbon and rosette! Mummy is so proud of you baby!

The others also did very well with Kanang finalling in 7 of the 10 rings, Gerbil Jr in 6 rings, Chunky in five rings (but was pulled out after he had granded (open to grand one show!) to give others a chance to grand), Barney in ALL rings, Maybelline was 2nd Best Champion and little Awan also managed to final. But the best news for us is when Carlos managed to grand with lots of points to spare! With his win and Chunky's, his dam, Mizzou has won the Distinguished Merit award - woweee!!!!! Congrats to all.

Love his pattern! (the kitten's ok,
not Peter's tie - LOL!)
Oh boy, all the fluffiness!! Gorgeous cats at Yanina Lukashova's ring
Kanang being appraised by Michael Hans Schleissner 
Muezza with his winning rosette at Nadejda's ring 
Tuksido with his 3rd Best Longhair Champion rosette - so absolutely proud!
A gorgeous red cat in Irina Kharchenko's ring
The Meow Group
Winners at Irina Tokmakova's ring 
New friends from Thailand
New friend from Russia with her burmeses
Natalia's Abbysinians
With Allan Davies 
My babies with their ribbons and rosettes
Proud to show off the best maine coons of the show : from left - Muezza, (3rd), Red Dragon (1st) and Kanang (2nd) - Coongrats! FYI, they are all from Malaysia!

Regardless of the initial hiccup, we really, really enjoyed the show. Thanks to Rung and all the organisers of the event for a well organised show. We love the hall, it is big and spacious, with enough space for the sponsors and exhibitors alike. And thanks to the judges for using our cats in the finals. And the best thing about shows are meeting up with fellow cat lovers and also making new friends. Still, I remain a very big fan of the maine coons although the other breeds are just as fantastic.

Finally but not least, a big thanks to all the FLG for your support and making the trip really fun and eventful.

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Monday, 17 September 2012

MYDIN Malaysia Day CFA International Cat Show 2012

The Mydin Malaysia Day CFA International Cat Show 2012 was held on 15 September 2012 at the new Mydin Mall in Ipoh, Perak. The judges were :
  • Ring 1 : Bob Zenda
  • Ring 2 : Jan Rogers
  • Ring 3 : Wakako Nagayama
  • Ring 4 : Theresa Imbolden
Initially, we were reluctant to attend in view that it was held more than 100km away from home. But after much consideration and in view that internationally recognised shows are few and far in between, we've registered Putra, Tuksido, Ike and Bianca for the show. However, just before the deadline, we found out that Bianca was pregnant so we substituted Muezza for her and also added LegendaryBoboy at the last minute as our only HHP entry.

Unfortunately, three days before the event, we had to withdraw Ike due to an allergic reaction to the shampoo. Then a day before the show, Putra had to be withdrawn as he also had an "accident", either someone bit him on the neck and scored some hair resulting in a small bald patch, or he had scratched himself silly and managed to give himself a small bald patch. Sigh, there goes RM300 down the drain.

Stopover en route to Ipoh
Enough groaning, nothing can get back the RM300! Since there were only 3 cats (Muezza, Tuksido and Boboy), we decided to drive to Ipoh in the morning instead of going a day earlier as it was only a 3 hours drive to Ipoh. Was the trip worth it? You bet!!!! We had fun all the way, and came home tired but satisfied with our babies' performance. 

Thank goodness for shopping trolleys!


The hard working Master Clerk (or should it be Mistress Clerk - he he he)

The Lucky Draw winners :

And so how did our cats do? They did GOOD!!!!

GC Lagenda Muezza Putra charmed all the judges and finalled in all four rings. He came 7th in Bob Zenda's ring, 3rd in Jan Rogers' ring, 2nd in Wakako Nagayama's ring and 7th in Theresa Imboden's ring.

A kiss for the winner at Bob Zenda's ring
Feline Lovers Group finalled in Jan Rogers ring
Muezza and Chester in Wakako Nagayama's ring
Theresa Imborden's ring - we missed out the photo session with Theresa

CH Lagenda Tuksido Putra did as well as expected, getting best in his colour class and was honorably mentioned in Wakako's ring. Although he did not get any rosettes, he performed well in the rings. Never mind baby, you are still my star youngster in terms of size. Maybe you will do better when you are older when your face developed further, the same as your dad Putra.

Our best performer was our last minute entry, LegendaryBoboy! He was 1st in Bob Zenda's ring, 2nd in Jan Rogers' ring, 5th in Wakako Nagayama's ring and 3rd in Theresa Imboden's ring and came home with the coveted Highest Scoring HHP rosette! Way to go my LegendaryBoboy! Mummy is soooo absolutely proud of you!
LegendaryBoboy with his rosette and his prizes.

More photos :

We would like to thank the judges for using our cats in the finals. And to the organising committee, kudos for a well run show. We had fun, especially those who won the lucky draws and the door gifts were just fantastic. It was a simple thing but it is highly appreciated. We will definitely be joining future shows organised by Mydin, just for the door gifts (he he he).

Last but not least, to the Feline Lovers Group, thanks for your support and making the trip worth the while! 

Some of the Feline Lovers' winning ribbons
Very hungry exhibitors!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Le Viva International Feline Show 2012

This 8 rings show, organised by the China Phoenix Cat Club, was held from 8 to 9 September at the Viva Home Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur. The judges were :
  • Ring 1 : Yayoi Satoh
  • Ring 2 : Dennis Ganoe
  • Ring 3 : Diana Rothermel
  • Ring 4 : Douglas Myers
  • Ring 5 : Kayoko Koizumi
  • Ring 6 : Ayumi Ueda
  • Ring 7 : Allan Raymond
  • Ring 8 : Cherlye U'ren

We fielded Putra, Muezza and Tuksido. On the first day, since Herman on-line had yet to declare Muezza as a Grand Champion, Muezza was fielded in the Champion category, same as Putra whereas Tuksido was entered as an open, it being his first show as an adult.
(It was much later we found out after Herman had confirmed his win, Muezza actually managed to gain his Grand Champion title in his first show as an adult in Hong Kong!!!! Am very, very, very proud of him.)

Anyway, day 1 of the show was a blast. As usual, we arrived rather early so had to wait for a few minutes outside the venue before it opened. Vetting in went off smoothly although the vet had to re-check Tuksido as somehow, we missed to clip one claw so had to trim his claw before the vet would sign him in. 

One of the coveted purple ribbons &
the 2nd BOB orange ribbon from Yayoi Satoh
The rest of the day went in a blurr. Muezza won the Best Champion of Breed (Yayoi Satoh, Dennis Ganoe & Diana Rothermel), 2nd BOB (Yayoi Satoh, Dennis Ganoe & Diana Rothermel), Best All Breed Champion and Best Long hair in Dennis Ganoe's ring, 3rd Best Long hair in Diana Rothermel's ring on the first day which effectively earned him the GC title if he had not competed in Hong Kong. Anyway, with the good performance on day 1, and after confirming the count, we transferred him to the GC class in the afternoon for the second day of the show. On the second day, he charmed the judges to get 4th place in Allan Raymond's ring and 3rd place in Cheryle Uren's ring.
Dennis Ganoe : Best Longhair Champion and All Breed Best Champion
(sorry about the photo, wrong setting)
Diana Rothemel : 3rd Best Longhair Champion
4th Best Cat rosette from Allan Raymond 
Muezza thanking Cheryle for his 3rd Best Cat rosette

Putra did not really do that well on the first day, he was competing against the likes of Carlos and Versus Sora in his colour class. Nevertheless, he surprised us with a purple ribbon in Kayoko Koizumi's ring earning him additional GC points - way to go my baby!

I am also happy to note that Tuksido won best of colour in all the rings and although he did not win any rosette, he was "honorably" mentioned in Kayoko Koizumi's ring. So proud of my baby who now can wear his CH title with pride.

All in all, the Lagendas did reasonably well considering the stiff competition we faced. Congratulations to the winners and to those who did not win, thank you for contributing to our points. And congratulation to Jimmy and his wonderful team, your team did extremely well and will definitely attend future shows organised by you.

To the judges, thank you for using Muezza in your rings, we hope that he will develop further and we hope to improve our grooming in order to be better than before.

And to the Feline Lovers group, congratulations as well. We had fun, without all of you, it would not have been as fun-tastic!

More photos :