Monday, 31 January 2011

In the beginning ....

The cat that started me on my adventure
It all started in early January 2011 and I put the blame squarely on my two girls! There I was, arriving home one day and of all the things waiting for me at the front gate is this pretty off-white cat with dark brown ears (ok I am new to the cat world and don't know about colour points - what????) and wearing a blue collar with bell. She was meowing and trying to get my attention.

Me and Ting Ting
After opening the gate, I ignored her and walked towards the front door. She happily followed me and put her paws on the front grill, all ready to enter the house. "Eh? Hello, go home cat, this is my home. Shoo" I said. She looked at me as though I am an imbecile but then decided I am not worth her effort and she walked off with her tail high in the air.

Before I continue, let me tell you that I am NOT an animal lover, I have never liked cats, and have always refused my second daughter's request for a cat. Nevertheless, at her request, we bought her a couple of small turtles and tried our hands at keeping kois and other fishes. Unfortunately, all the fishes died except for the aquarium cleaner (can't remember the actual name for the species) so have decided not to keep any more pets in the house.

Ooohhhh, I love to flop on the arm rest!
Anyway, back to the story of Ting Ting (we named her in view of her bell, she "tinkles" every time she moves). Despite my every attempt to chase her away, Ting Ting will always be waiting for me whenever I reach home. She actually waited for anybody who comes to the house, including my husband, who is also not a cat lover. Finally I gave in and started to pet her and gave her food and water. She was very friendly and very well behaved. Somehow, she managed to worm her way into my heart and also my home. I found out later that my two daughters have been feeding her regularly in the house, no wonder she kept wanting to enter the house!

Hmmm, this is nice...
We renamed her Birman Elizabeth Birkin aka Ting Ting but we found out from her owner that she is called Dodo being one of three cats that her daughter has "Do, Re & Mi". Whatever her name is and whatever species she actually is (we think that she is a mixed birman), she will always be Ting Ting, the cat that adopted our home and started me on my adventure into the cat world.

But I love this better. Thank you human.

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