Wednesday, 24 September 2014

ACE 12-Ring CFA Asian Championship Cat Show 2014 (2 days)

The ACE 12-Ring CFA Asian Championship Cat Show is the first CFA show for Malaysia this season. Held at South City Plaza on 20 and 21 September 2014, this show successfully attracted a lot of foreign entries (around 50 cats) from Hong Kong, Malta, Russia, China etc.
The Lagenda team fielded Tuksido and Iftar in Premiership, Ariel and Intan in Championship and Hikayat in the Kitten category. Marley was also entered for the Championship class but had to be pulled out due to injury sustained a couple of days before the event - he had bite marks on his back, probably Putra's doing the naughty boy! (Putra is now placed in a different room). Iftar was the only who was fielded for one day whilst the others entered for both days.

We knew it was a tough fight :
  • Day 1
    • Kittens = 35nos of which Maine coon kittens = 18 nos whereby 7 were browns and whites (Hikayat). 
    • LH Premiership = 15 of which 10 were Maine Coons (Tuksido & Iftar)
    • LH Championship = 27 of which 13 were Maine Coons (Ariel & Intan) with brown and whites boys = 3 and Intan being the only brown and white girl.
  • Day 2
    • Kittens = no change as per Day 1 (Hikayat)
    • LH Premiership = 16 of which 11 were Maine Coons (Tuksido)
    • LH Championship = 29 of which 14 were Maine Coons (Ariel & Intan) with brown and whites boys = 3 and Intan the only girl.
Suffice to say, the two days were full of surprises :D. As usual we had fun fun fun and met up with friends from all over the world and made new friends as well. Tiring but fun. Can't wait for the next one. :D

Lagenda Team for Day 1

Here's links to the photos :

Lagenda's Performance

Iftar (Day 1 only) :
  • Ring 3 Melanie Morgan - BoB, Best LH Premier, 2nd Best Premier & 4th Best in Premiership
  • Ring 5 John Webster - BoB, Best LH Premier, 2nd Best Premier & 5th Best in Premiership
  • Ring 6 Larry Adkison - BoB, Best LH Premier, Best Premier & 3rd Best in Premiership
We are very proud to announce that IFTAR GRANDED today and he did it in two shows!

Our new Grand : GP Lagenda Bahtera Iftar Putra.
Thanks to Iman and family for looking after him soooooo well!
This is his second show as an adult

Looking at him in the ring reminded me of Muezza. Wished we had entered Muezza as well :D

Ariel :
  • Day 1 Ring 3 Melanie Morgan - BoB, 2nd Best LH Champion & 3rd Best Champion
  • Day 2 Ring 3 Irina Kharchenko - 3rd Best LH Champion & 3rd Best Champion
  • Day 2 Ring 4 Suki Lee - 2nd BoB, Best LH Champion & 9th Best Championship LH
  • Day 2 Ring 6 Jan Rogers - 2nd BoB & 3rd Best Champion
Ariel (right) and Intan (left) - two beautiful girls for our breeding programme :D
So proud of both of them
And she collected 77 points for the two days, not bad for her first show as an adult :D

Hikayat :
  • Day 2 Ring 1 Carol Fogarty - 3rd Best Kitten
So very proud of this boy - he beat 6 other brown and white kittens to be Best of Colour,
then I nearly fainted when he got Best of Breed. Very happy....
One of my proudest moments - I think he is the first Lagenda kitten that received any award in CFA, and 3rd place to boot! Muezza was best kitten in FIFe and TICA but never in CFA :D

  • Day 2 Ring 2 Edward Maeda - 2nd BoB
Edward Maeda gave me a shock when he placed the orange ribbon on Tuksido's cage. He was berating the poor boy - he is too big, his eyes were no good etc as compared to the BoB. LOL but it was hilarious!

So proud of you too my big boy


This angel did not manage to get past the colour class, she almost always came 2nd BoC. But one judge initially placed the white ribbon on the boy, then when she re-looked at Intan again, she swapped the ribbon. After the show, I had a talk with the judge and she said that she changed her mind because Intan's ear set was too narrow as compared to the boy. Ouch! Oh well....

All in all, we had a blast. Thanks to the organisers for organising the event, despite some initial setback, the event went as smoothly as ever. Thanks to our fellow exhibitors for participating and contributing to our points (and vice verse). But the biggest thanks were to the Saljus and their intrepid team from JB (Razak, Sally, Su and (oh dear forgot her name)) for helping during the two days. And finally, thanks to Iman and family for making it possible for us to add another Grand to the Lagenda banner by keeping Iftar in good shape :D