Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Micro Chip Adventure......

We've decided to try this new clinic that had just opened last month in Seri Kembangan to "micro-chip" our kittens. We have met the vet a few times before at some of the shows that we've attended but at that time, he was doing free lance work ie locum but now he has opened his own clinic.

It was supposed to be a straight forward visit, ie after work, pick up the babies, drive to Seri Kembangan and get them "micro-chipped" then back home in time for dinner and Bob's your uncle right? NOT!!!! Read on....

Imagine the scene - it was Friday (16/3) after work and I left office promptly to pick up the babies and my daughter Sara to go to the vet which was about an hour drive away. When I got home, the babies were not ready yet as some of them decided to do their business and of course, one of them had to step on their poo so had to be washed, cleaned and dried.

While Sara cleaned and dried Muezza (whom we believe that he does it on purpose so that we will clean him and then blow dry him as he loves the hair dryer), I quickly placed Putra, Citrus and the other kittens in several carriers with three of the smaller one sharing the biggest carrier. All the carriers were placed in one spot in the lounge including my handbag and their emergency bag which contains the necessary wet towels, kibbles and water. While placing the carriers in the car, we realised that there was not much space left for Sara to sit so we had to squeeze another kitten in the big carrier and place the empty carrier in the boot, the rest were in their individual carriers. I remembered asking Sara to grab my handbag which was left where the carriers were while I waited in the car.

Halfway to the vet, while driving I realised that I could not see where the brown carrier with Mega was. Horror upon horror, I could not remember her name. I just kept screaming, where's the girl, where's the girl???!!! And Sara, who was holding Citrus at that time said, she's here. I told her the baby girl and both of us screamed. Arrrrggghhh, Sara forgot to grab the brown bag when she went to pick up my handbag. Thank goodness we could do a u-turn and managed to get home within half hour. The home alone kitten was none the worst during the whole episode as she was found peacefully asleep in the carrier. Nevertheless, the damage has been done - the Friday traffic jam had started and we reached the clinic at 8 pm. Thank God the clinic closes at 10am!

Anyway, we managed to "micro-chipped" all the Lagenda kittens plus Putra and also recorded each event with my trusty blackberry as we forgot to bring the camera. Alas, all was in vain as the media card was corrupted! Sigh, we missed one of their important event in their life but had a good laugh remembering the home alone incident. :)) After all the excitement, we did not even have any photos to share! Good experience though as before we left the vet, Sara did a head count. :))

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