Monday, 3 December 2012

KKM-FIFe-MAHA International Cat Show

The KKM=FIFe-MAHA International Cat Show was successfully organised on 2 December 2012 by the Malaysian Cat Club. The hall was packed with beautiful cats both the pedigrees and non-pedigrees alike. Pak Khalid and his team worked hard to make sure that the event ran smoothly, taking the minor hiccups here and there in their strides. This year, the theme was cowboys so some of us came appropriately dressed.

We entered 4 cats but at the last minute had to pull out one (Electra) as we could not find her vaccination card. Never mind girl, we will enter you at the next show. So it was up to Putra, Tuksido and Ike to bring honour to the Lagenda house and to the Feline Lovers Group. The Ciku Kiwis fielded Tempe, Awan and Charmy plus two HHPs Jill and Madeline which makes up the rest of the FLG's entries. Of course the ZMCs and Saljus were present to give moral support - thanks guys. Pity the rest of the group could not make it this time due to other prior engagement but we hope to see them at the next show in January 2013.

So how did the group do? Very well me thinks :)) :)) :)) Both Putra and Ike received Best Male Open and Second Best Male Open in the Semi-Long haired category but lost to little Charmy of Ciku Kiwi for the Best Longhair. Charmy charmed the judge and went on to win the Best Kitten award as well which makes me a very proud Aunty. The day ended with dinner among friends with lots of laughter.

Enjoy the photos ya but please note that they are all mine. However, should you want to use the photos for your personal use, please acknowledge where you've obtained the photos.

Getting Putra ready - thanks Ejam
Tempe also getting ready
The vetting in process - boy was the doctor strict!
Showing off new baby girl Madeline

Eh? New breed for Sara?
The cowboy girls and boys (errr I was included coz had the camera holster on and of coz won only the consolation prize he he he
Sara and her partner in "crime," Aida
Sara's new breed
Reserve Best in Show - Masmera Bijak
The Feline Lovers Group's Celebration Dinner 

More photos here.

To Pak Khalid and his organising team, thank you for arranging the show and enabling us to collect the necessary CAC and CACIB certificates. To the judge, thank you for your kind words with regards to our cats and we hope to see you again. Above all, I would like to thank all the FLG for being there with us and giving us moral support. :)

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