Monday, 16 September 2013

Litter G - the Malaysia Day babies

What a wonderful feeling, litter G finally arrived 2 days later than scheduled on 16 September 2013, our Malaysia day babies. There were 5 of them but only 4 survived, the other being still born. Union between Arena Srikandi Coon of Lagenda and Lagenda Bahtera Iftar Putra, this is Kandi's second litter and Iftar's first.

Baby G1 @8.00am, 130g Red & white boy
Baby G2 @10.15am, 125g Red & white boy
Baby G3 @10.45am, 120g Brown & white girl
Baby G4 @12.00noon, 115g Brown & white girl

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  1. Salam, do you sell those maine coon kitten? please email me if you want to sell it.