Saturday, 13 September 2014

Photos of Litters I, J & K

We spend the whole morning taking photos of the babies coz they are now around 3 months old. LOL it took me a few hours just to sort out the red and whites - there's 4 from Litter J and 3 from Litter K but after much gnashing of teeth and scrutinising the photos again and again, I think I've managed to sort them out. So here are their photos arranged accordingly :
  • Litter I - Union between Putra and Citrus, DOB 31 May 2014
    • Litter I1 : Brown Patch Girl - Irina Iris (staying)
    • Litter I2 : Brown & White Boy - Isaac Ilham : Already reserved
  • Litter J - Union between Elrond and Sasha, DOB 15 June 2014
  • Litter K - Union between Ike and Addira, DOB 17 June 2014
We are still mulling on the names for Litters J & K..... any suggestions are highly appreciated. PM us ok?

For those interested to own a Lagenda kitten, please, please goto our website and please READ the "Read this first page". It will save everyone a lot of trouble and headache. Thanks a million for understanding. And sorry, we will not pm you but if you are interested, you may pm us :D. 

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