Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Asia ID Award Dinner 2014

31st August 2014 is an auspicious day for us Malaysians, it is our 57th Independence Day. It is also the day that the Lagenda Team proudly accepts our Muezza's trophy for being the 3rd Best Cat in Premiership of CFA ID Asia (Malaysia) at the Asia ID Award Dinner 2014 held in Langham Place, Guangzhou, China. A very, very, very proud moment for us, our very own first litter presented us with our very first Divisional Winner title at a tender age of 2 1/2 years old (ok ok, others have achieved the status much, much younger but we only seriously started last year :D).

Thanks to all our friends and fellow competitors that have contributed to his marvelous achievement for season 2013/2014, thanks to all the judges for using him in the rings and last but not least, thanks to the ever hardworking-but-least-appreciated organising committees for arranging the shows to enable us to compete. :D

We visited the Teemall, Beijing Road, Wanda Shopping Mall, Grandview Mall and a smaller shopping area near the hotel (the name of the place escapes me at the moment). But the dinner was great, we met lots of people and had so much fun. My mum fell asleep at the table (she is 82 years old ok) but refused to go back to the room coz she was enjoying herself (despite being tired). Sara also won the lucky draw at our table :D

Besides taking the award for Muezza, we also took the awards for our friends and came home with lots of trophies - heaaavvvvyyy! And there's one small trophy which surprised all of us - Adilah Roose's Clerk of the Year award - congratulations my dear, we are ever so proud of you :D.

So enjoy the photos of our trip to Guangzhou. 

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