Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fussy eater

I read somewhere, in my eternal search for information on cats and how to best look after them, that cats are not fussy eaters, they become fussy eaters because of their owner. Hmmmm, I am not sure where I went wrong but Boboy turned out to be a fussy eater. I normally feed them in the morning with a mixture of kibbles and the Royal Canin Babycat Instinctive mousse, the rest of the day I would feed them kibbles.

This is the scene on a normal day :
Boboy : Where's my food Mummy, where's my food???
The four musketeers relishing their breakfast
When I got Pearl, I was advised to give them raw minced meat as well. So one fine morning, I tried to give them a mixture of raw minced meat and kibbles. THIS was the scene that day :
We love you Mummy (scene before Putra joined us)
Boboy : Say what?!! Where's my food??!! I'm hungry mummy
Boiled chicken mixed with kibbles menu :
Boboy sulking at the top right hand corner, the rest are tucking in
Finally I relented, and gave him the baby mousse and kibbles :
Boboy : Now this is what I call food!
And Dusky will always be the one finishing everyone's plate :

The Babycat instinctive is now being alternated with the RC Kitten Instinctive and sometimes we will also give them other brands specially for kittens.

Photos of eating habits

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