Saturday, 2 April 2011

To neuter or not

When I started on this adventure, I had every intention to keep all my cats intact. But after having read about the various posting with regards to breeding and also our responsibility in ensuring the purity of the breed, I finally decided to neuter both Boboy and Dusky. There are a lot of information on the website but one of the better ones are and

We had Dusky neutered first on 2 April followed by Boboy two weeks later as we were not sure whether we could take care of both cats after the surgery. Both kittens were kept overnight in the cat carrier as we did not want to disturb them too much after the surgery as they were very groggy.

Both recovered the next day but we kept them for an extra day in their cages and brought them out separately from the others, just in case.

Dusky's trip on 2 April 2011
Last drink at 9 am before the start of his fast
As usual, initially he was a bit scared in the car and had to be cuddled.
Dusky : Can you please hold me, just in case.....

After the surgery :
Mummy, why is the cage so small? I want my cage... :((
Mummy, the light hurts. Where are you mummy?
Poor baby!...........


  1. This may also be a good time to get Abang Isa neutered.

  2. Ha ha ha MSM, very funny Megat, very funny.