Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bath Time!

Today we gave all the five kittens their monthly wet bath. It took two of us to give their bath, one to hold the kitten, the other to give the bath (except for Dusky as he was happy in the bath tub) so me and my two girls took turns to groom, bathe the kittens and dry them. It was an exhausting but happy day.

As usual, Putra had to be hand dried, he freaked out when we switched on the hair dryer
Liza grooming Pearl 
Dusky doesn't like the hairdryer but he tolerated the treatment
Boboy was absolutely terrified of the hairdryer, he actually attacked the carrier!
After the attack incident, we decided to hand dry him as well, poor baby
Two very tired assistants fast asleep with their kittens
Citrus sleeping on top of Sara 
Then she decided to sleep on Sara's arm
The three boys also fell asleep after their bath in their own cages.

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