Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pet World Malaysia 2011

Those nice people from the Malaysia Cat Club had arranged for another cat competition under FIFE during the Pet World Malaysia 2011 on 5 June 2011. Of course, it goes without saying that Arena Durio Coon of CikuKiwi (aka Tempe) won the Best Semi Longhair category and was the overall Reserve Best in Show whereas his counterpart, Arena Chestnut won the Best Premier. We are extremely proud of both of them!
Tempe waiting for his turn to be vetted, looking decidedly bored
Rombongan Cik Tipah from Kelantan!
Errr, we attended a wedding reception earlier so were a bit formally dressed, errr.....
Some of the gang during the show
My niece, Liana
Oooh, he loves it!
And the winner is....... Arena Durio Coon aka Tempe!

We had to leave early to send my brother and sister-in-law to the airport so missed out on Dimitri's win and the prize giving ceremony. But here's the photo link of the winners.

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