Sunday, 24 July 2011

5th HHP Cat Show

A day after moving house, we participated in the 5th HHP Cat Show by showing Boboy and Dusky. The judging was carried out by three invited judges, Thomas Low (Singapore), Marie Belpalme (Australia) and Zamina Zainal Ariffin (Malaysia).

We are pleased to note (he he he, more like estatic) that Dusky managed to get all three ribbons whereas Boboy got two ribbons of which one of the judges was so impressed with Boboy's grooming, she said "Excellent grooming, macam professional grooming!". Way to go Sara!

And Boboy, even though you only managed to get two ribbons, Mummy is also proud because you came third and first in the two rings.

Dusky getting his ribbon autographed
Boboy receiving his first ribbon from Marie (third place)
Zamina gave Boboy first place in her ring for excellent grooming - way to go Sara!
Two very tired contestants, fast asleep in the carrier on the way home

Thanks to the organisers (Pak Cu and geng) for organising such a fun event.

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