Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cat Friends Asia V

We had a fabulous time at the Cat Friends Asia V, thank you to the hardworking organisers and their helpers. Although Putra didn't win anything, we made headways in our adventure in this wonderful world of cats - we learned about how to carry our Putra, how to train him so that he can perform better at the next show, saw fantastic show cats. But last and not least (which is the most fun part of the show), we made new friends and other cat lovers and their bosses including Putra's look-a-like Daichi (go boy go!).

So here's sharing some of my favourites :

Introducing Daichi - Putra's playful twin from Japan
Pretty Lady - she is adorable!
Edward Maeda checking out QQ
Allan Davies checking out Durio

Gorgeous Leo being vetted by Yeoko Takano
Putra being checked out by Cheryl U'ren
New friends :
Daichi (left) and Putra (right) meeting for the first time.
Don't worry, we separated them before things got ugly :))
Daichi's "slave" - Fui Yau
With Afza (holding Putra) and Hairi
With Rizal, Siti & Jimmy. I did not get the name of the lady with the camera. 
I believe she is Rizal & Siti's friend. 
Allen giving me some tips on how to train Putra.
And my most treasured feline friends. Thanks for the support guys
especially Yati (not in picture) for the food!

There are too many photos, too many memories of beautiful cats and their willing 'slaves' (he he he). Enjoy the rest of the show photos.

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