Monday, 5 September 2011

Pet Boarding Fiasco

After the long Raya break, I was looking forward to going to the office with vigour but on the way to the office on Monday 5 September, I heard over the radio regarding the Petknode fiasco. When I reached the office, I quickly scan the news for more details. I really hope the owners of all the cats affected have taken home their pets and I am sorry for those whose cats have died.

I was there at the Press Conference (PC) later that evening and although most of the cat owners present were in support of the PC and the NGOs involved, there were some whose emotions overcame them and started finger pointing and blaming each other. You can view the PC at

Emotions running high during the Press Conference

Link to more photos

I do not want to be dragged into the fiasco but feel that we need to unite to stop the abuse. So please follow the link and sign up if you feel the same :

You can also follow the Petknode story at the following links:
For those who can stomach the actual photos during the initial raid at the boarding house, please go to :

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