Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Where to house the cats?

When I first started on this road to feline world, I had all the intention of housing all my male cats in the same room so that they can safely mingle and play around in the room and I have the ease of having everything in one place whereas the two girls were to stay in Sara's room.

When we were renovating our new house, I quickly converted one of the rooms downstairs (which was meant for my mum whenever she comes to visit us - sorry Mummy) into the Cat's room. The room is located next to the dry kitchen and my son's room, both of which are accessible by a glass door. We moved into the new house on 23 July, a day after Putra's birthday. Suffice to say, things did not go as planned so read on.....

The Cat's Room on day 1. Picture taken from the door leading to the dry kitchen looking towards my son's room. The two cages were initially stacked on top of the other but we decided to join them horizontally to give Putra more leg room.

Initially, we placed Putra in the Cat's room during the day so that he can have friends to play with (the other two boys have been neutered) and would bring him up to our bedroom at night to sleep. When we were home, the male cats would be free to roam the house and after a couple of hours, Putra will be brought to my bedroom when the female cats were also let out of Sara's room to play.

Unfortunately, Putra started spraying at a few locations in the house, including on my bed (yikes the smell!!!) so we had cage him in the Cat's room. But, after a few more spraying incidents, we took him to the vet whereby we were told that it could be that he has some issues with the boys. So we decided to separate them and  placed him in our room but still confined to a cage. However, I could not stand seeing him being confined to the cage so after a few days, we placed at our balcony area which thankfully has been closed up with windows.

Putra and Citrus having a supervised date in Putra's room aka balcony area

Pearl who cannot keep still long
Other factors have also affected the our fur-kids sleeping arrangement. Citrus is now staying in our bedroom whereas Pearl has been placed in Putra's cage in the Cat's room. Pearl, our ladylike girl, had to be separated from the two boys as they always seem to bully her (pouncing on her etc). We have not allowed her to be with Putra despite her insisting (loudly and sooo absolute unladylike) that she is ready as she has lost weight again (she is now back to 2.9kg). I find that she tends to eat more if she is caged up so hopefully, at her next calling, she would have gained the necessary 1/2kg weight. She is very active and tends to run all over the place.

Boboy and Dusky do not seem to mind the new arrangement, as long as they get to go out of their room in the evening.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this arrangement works. :)

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