Friday, 4 May 2012

Food Revisited

Although I am still a beginner, I have received various requests for guidance on what to feed our beloved cats and there has been many posts on FB in the recent weeks with regards to certain brands containing items which are considered taboo to the Muslims. As a muslim, I normally read the contents of food that I buy. If you are unsure, don't buy, get another one. That is my motto.

Another reason why I read the labels is that I want to know what I am feeding my cats. I try to pick food which do not contain a lot of fillers like maize or corn or chicken/fish meals as they are not what the cats should eat. However, we also have to test it on the cats and they are rather choosy as to what they want to eat.

I have tried variety of brands both dry and wet food and have also tried giving them raw meat. Nevertheless, after trying various brands and combination of brands, we now feed them the following :

1. All MCOs - RC Maine Coon 31 kibbles mixed with RC Kitten 36.
2. Expecting and Nursing Mums - RC Kitten 36 kibbles
3. All kittens - RC Kitten 36 kibbles
4. All HHPs - RC Fit 32 kibbles

The kibbles are served all day and of course they have access to water bottles/bowls. They are also given wet food at least twice a day, either a can of Fancy Feast/Avoderm/Evo per cat (different flavours) or boiled chicken. (They prefer Fancy Feast and boiled chicken though.)

I find that my two HHPs (both of whom have been neutered) do not put on additional weight since giving them Fit 32 kibbles. My five month old kittens loves their kibbles although they sometimes "steal" their Papa's Maine Coon kibbles. So maybe it is time to add MC to their menu.

Their menu may change again as there's some new kibbles in town. :)

Please note that I am not a spokesperson for RC/Fancy Feast/Avoderm/Evo, just a user trying to find the best combination of food for my cats.

Also, there is many articles or write-ups or blogs on what to feed your cats, the pros and cons of dry food (kibbles) as opposed to wet food, the pros and cons of raw meat as compared to processed or boiled meat etc. I do not want to get involved in these debates as what I feed my cats is what I feel is the best for them ie a combination of wet and dry food and also what they want to eat. :) Like I said earlier, I am not a spokesman for all the products mentioned here.

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