Saturday, 5 May 2012

Parting with your babies

When we started on this journey into the feline world last year, we were confident we will be able to overcome anything that comes our way. OMG, looking back, we realised how cocky and over-confident were we! We can now laugh at ourselves and we hope that others will read our blog and learn from our mistakes.

Our next lesson in this feline world is letting go of our kittens. Sigh, even though I promised not to be emotional when our kittens leave home, it is still a painful experience.

The first to go was Mega who left us on 7 April 2012. She is now happily residing with our friends Hafizul and Ejam of Ciku Kiwi Cattery. We see her almost every other weekend so it is not too bad.

Next to leave home was Addy Putra on 17 April 2012. Our boy is also happily residing with Mastura and her family and hopefully not bullying his family too much. I miss his chatter! Sara, our drama queen, had been crying for the last few nights before he left. But I believe he is going to be ok, he was already exploring the whole house even before we left! I am so happy that he can adapt well to the change in environment. His new mum says that he was off his food for a few days but is now ok. I am glad.

Mastura keeps us updated with photos and he looks absolutely happy and very, very spoilt! :)

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