Saturday, 9 March 2013

Litter E is in the house!

Finally, after 67 days, Citrus decided to go into labour. She delivered a few hours later on her 68th days in the early morning of 10 March 2013 - five beautiful babies, two brown patches, two brown and whites and one black and white. At the time of writing, both mother and the babies are doing well.
Baby A - Brown Patch, 100g @ 0020hrs  
Baby B - Brown and White, 120g @ 0120hrs 
Baby C - Black and White, 120g @ 0130hrs  
Baby D - Brown Patch, 110g @ 0149 hrs
Baby E - Brown and White, 130g @ 0216hrs 
First photo of the group - a very, very tired Citrus with her third litter 
Another group photo of a group of contented kittens finally falling contently asleep on a full stomach :)

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