Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Arrival of Litter F

Sasha started panting on her 63rd day but she finally decided to deliver in the late night of 26 March 2013 at 11.10pm with the last kitten delivered at 4.00am on 27 March 2013. NINE kittens - oh boy - 4 red and whites and 5 brown patches. At the time of writing, both mother and the babies are doing well but the human caretakers are like zombies from lack of sleep - LOL!
Unfortunately, some of the kittens did not make it to their first month so now we are left with one brown patch and two red and whites.

First group photo - while waiting for Sasha to finish eating
First feeding frenzy - poor Sasha
Baby A : Brown Patch and White, 110g @ 2310hrs 26/3/13
Baby B : Brown Patch/Tortie - RIP
Baby C : Red and White - RIP
Baby D : Brown Patch - RIP
Baby E : Brown Patch - RIP
Baby F : Red and White
Baby G : Red and White - RIP
Baby H : Brown Patch - RIP
Baby I : Red and White

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