Monday, 22 April 2013

Malaysia 2013 Finale Cat Show, 20 & 21 April 2013

The Malaysia 2013 Finale Cat Show held on 20 & 21 April 2013, was a memorable one for us as this is the first time we entered as an exhibitor under Lagenda Cattery and also opened a booth for Qitta Catz. We
thoroughly enjoyed the show, thanks to the organisers, and made new friends - there were lots of newbies as well. We entered Putra, Tuksido, Iftar, Addira and Boboy for the show. We had to leave Muezza home coz he had scratched himself silly and the scars had not healed yet. Addy was also present so there were six of us at the show.
It was supposed to be an 8-ring show but one of the judges, Mary Auth could not make it due to some issues with her flight. The judges this time around were Diana Rothermel, Allan Raymond, Rod U'ren, Cheryle U'ren, Wakako Nagayam, Yaeko Takano and Gary Veach.
Even though our pedigrees did not make the finals, our LagendaryBoboy jointly won the Highest Scoring HHP together with Ash's Archie.
Putra was best champion at Yaeko Takano's ring. According to reliable witnesses, Putra actually played in Yaeko's ring - so happy coz he is such a timid boy. The best surprise was when Addira was reclassified as a calico instead of a brown patch by Gary Veach. Oh wow, our very own home-bred calico maine coon - how cool is that!
Anyway, thanks to the organisers for a wonderful time (love the goodies) and also the judges for using our cat in the finals. Enjoy the photos....

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