Monday, 10 June 2013

Equilibrio International Cat Show 2013 - The Cat Lovers Show

For the Equilibrio International Cat Show 2013 - The Cat Lovers Show held on 9 June 2013 at South City Plaza, we fielded Tuksido, Addira, and Iftar in the Championship Category, Muezza and Raina in the Premiership Category and Boboy in the HHP Category. It was the first time Muezza entered as a Premier and the first time Raina entered as an adult so we were quite nervous, especially since we were informed that one of the Judges, Pam Delabar, wast said to be one of the best maine coon judges around.

Thank goodness Muezza did not fail, he was placed no. 1 in her ring and came second in Michael Schleissner's ring. Raina also finaled in Michael's ring, coming in 9th place - way to go girl! Although the others did not make the finals, we are still happy with their performances in the rings and there were no untowards incidences :)).

Qitta Catz also opened a booth that day and the best thing was we managed to meet new customers/exhibitors to the show. So happy with the growth of the cat fancy, we hope that there will be more new exhibitors in future shows.

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