Monday, 24 February 2014

The Johor CFA International Cat Show 2014

The Johor Bahru Cat Club (JBCC), in collaboration with the Hong Kong Short Hair Club and supported by Qitta Catz and Feline Stylist, hosted their first ever CFA International Cat Show at Angsana Mall, Johor Bahru on Saturday 22 February 2014. The 4-ring show was held at the Event Hall on the 1st floor of the Angsana Mall, one of the most vibrant hub of Johor Bahru. The judges were Bob Zenda (USA, AB/HHP), Teresa Keiger (USA, AB/HHP), Jim Dinesen (USA, AB/HHP) and Cathy Dinesen (USA, AB/HHP).

As it was the first cat show we've organised, we had our fair share of "problems" and "issues" which were quickly handled by our able Coordinator, Ahmad Shafiq. Nevertheless, once the show started, everything fell into place and the show went relatively smoothly with one or two minor setback. The judges were great, despite the heat, they proceeded with the judging without complaints. (We had contacted Angsana's management but they were not able to do much about the aircondition. And the hot weather did not help.). There were a lot of crowd at Angsana who appreciated that the judges took time to explain their choices of winners. 

I did not have time to take pictures but hopefully JBCC and other exhibitors would be posting their collection of photos as well. Some photos are shown below with additional photos here. It was a fun show and thanks to all those involved in organising this event :)

Teresa Keiger
Another handsome maine coon from Benny and Ejay Glorious
We got 2nd place!

Handsome Daichi with his winning rosette
Marley at Cathy Dinesen's ring - the boy freaked out and was totally scared poor baby :(
Bob Zenda with Elrond
Jim Dinesen

Lagenda Team's Winning Rosettes

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