Monday, 11 August 2014

Where are we now?

While sitting here listening to the TV regarding the Selangor political scenario (nothing to watch on tv), I've realised that I have been in the cat world for just over 3 years (since 2011). Bought my very first DLH (Boboy) and got another DSH (Dusky) for free in Feb 2011. Fell in love with the MCOs and got my first pair of MCOs in March for my birthday (Putra and Pearl). Super model Citrus came next in April and Lagenda Cattery was registered on 15 May 2011. We had our first Litter A on 9 November 2011.
Initially we entered only the HHP shows but after a few rounds, we tried the CFA, FIFe and TICA sanctioned shows and I must say we were hooked.
During the 2012-2013 season, our very own DLH was placed 9th overall DLH under TICA Asia Region, he is now known as RW TGM LegendaryBoboy. His picture is still on the TICA Asia Region website - - Our very first Regional Winner!
Not to be outdone, Putra was Best in Show at FIFE-KKM-Petworld 2012 with Muezza (Putra-Citrus Litter A), he was still a kitten then, as Reserve BIS at FIFE-KKM-Mydin 2012. Muezza went on to Grand in one show at our first overseas trip to the CFA-IDA Show in Hong Kong that season! Putra, Electra (Putra's Dam) and another Litter A boy (Addy Putra) also Granded during this season. 
Qitta Catz the Cat Grooming Boutique opened her doors for the first time on 1 February 2013. We added a couple more females and Litters B, C & D came in 2012, followed by Litters E, F & G in 2013.
During the 2013-2014 season, Cempaka Raina (Litter C) and Elrond (Litter E) also Granded, with Elrond granding in one show . Muezza went on to Grand as a Premier and proceed to surpass all our expectation when he was placed 3rd Best Cat in Premiership (Malaysia) to earn our very first Divisional Winner title. And we are very proud to note that he is 5th Best Cat in CFA ID Asia Premiership and overall Highest Scoring Maine Coon premier in ID Asia. To top icing on the cake, he is ranked 14th Highest Scoring Maine Coon in Premiership Nationally (scroll down please -:D).
Not to be outdone, Qitta Catz has expanded to include a training school organised by Feline Groomers . We hope to see more groomers trained by the only two Certified Feline Master Groomers in Malaysia.
The last season was our first campaigning season and man, it was tiring! This season, we will concentrate on granding the older litters but will also see where Litters H, I, J & K will bring us.
Yes after 3 years, we have achieved much - our first RW (HHP), three Grands in one show (2 Lagenda, one Arena), three more Grands in several shows - he he he (2 Lagendas, 1 Arena), Lagenda's first DW and who knows, maybe in two or three years, we will have Lagenda's very own DM and hopefully, one of these days, our cattery will get the Cattery of Distinction award as well. We've also opened our first Grooming Boutique last year, followed by a Training Centre this year. It is good to dream..... Night everyone....

(The above was first published on my facebook)

Yes we had a good time, but we also had our losses. We've had several that had crossed the rainbow bridge - Shah Putra left us at the tender age of 9 months. Then it was most of litter F, followed by 2 of Litter G. We nearly gave up on breeding then, the pain was too much coz they were born alive and lived for a few months to cheer us up with their antics. Nevertheless, we kept on going, for the sake of the others. We have added a couple of males (Marley and Dark Knight) and a couple of females (Ariel and Intan) to see whether we can improve the Lagenda lines.....

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