Monday, 7 February 2011

First visit to the vet

On the second day, we noticed that Boboy was looking a bit peaky and his nose was no longer red. He was also sneezing. We quickly brought him to the vet. In the car, he was looking so lost and scared in the carrier, poor baby!

Boboy resting on the bed
Luckily, it was only a minor cold brought about due to the stress of new environment. (For a new comer, that was a revelation ie cats can be stressed. I thought that, compared to us, their lives are stress free! :)). The vet also demonstrated how to give the oral medication to the cat. Hmmm, that was easy! (so I thought).

Anyway, I learned the hard way that:
  • They know exectly when you are going to give them medicine - it's as though they have some sixth sense
  • They can trick you into thinking that they have swallowed the pills, only to find it a few minutes later on their ruff
  • Since they KNOW that they are dealing with a beginner, they will definitely give you the run for your money!
Here's a link to a very good guide on how to give oral medication to cats :

Despite reading about how to give oral medications or watching the various on-line videos or being shown how to do it by my fellow cat lovers, I have yet to master the art of giving medication. So I hope my kittens never need to take any medication! HELP! :))

BTW it still takes two of us to do it, me to hold on to the cat and one of my daughters to give them the medication. On average, one pill takes around 5 to 10 minutes before the cat finally swallows it. Poor babies!

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