Saturday, 26 February 2011

My first cat fair & exhibition

Today will always be remembered as the first time I attended a cat fair and exhibition, the MCC's Fun SHow at Kelana Mall. Ok so it is not very big, organised by the Malaysian Cat Club but it was very exciting for me as I get to see some really nice cats.

I had arranged with a local breeder named Yati to meet her to check out a seven months old male maine coon she wanted to sell. I was given Yati's number by one of the local breeders, Ejay of Rizcoon. Luckily, Yati did not mind some idiot calling her in the middle of the night asking whether she has any coons for sale. :)

But oh boy, her cat was absolutely adorable! Yati was kind enough to let us hold the boy nicknamed Api-api in view of his colour, red. OMG he is soooo big! She also brought along an adult male maine coon just for comparison - Jebat Arjuna (another heart breaker!). I told her I will have to think about it as he is rather expensive and beyond my budget. :(

Happy daze........
Handsome Api-Api
Majestic Jebat Arjuna
Sara & Liza with Api-Api
He is soooo adorable!
More photos

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