Monday, 28 November 2011

Grooming lessons

Yati, Ej and Ejam came over on Sunday to show us how to groom a show cat. Suffice to say, after a belly full of cheese cakes from Secret Recipe and cream caramel from Yati, I was game for anything (read : too much sugar)
Sara had earlier bought some "salon" stuffs for Putra which had me rolling my eyes like "Hello! I use the all in one shampoo with conditioner, why do we need to spend so much for something on something and after bath and what nots for one little cat!. Including a very expensive comb and slicker brush! As if we don't have enough already". And Sara said (also rolling her eyes to me), it is for Putra. And that was that. So we ended up with stuff which we don't know how to use and which was why Yati, Ej and Ejam came to the rescue.

The model anxiously waiting for our guests to arrive
Shampoo stage
Sara's turn
Putra getting a kiss for being a brave boy
First rinse
The something on something shampoo
Putra - the not so brave after all
Final product - Conclusion : he's a bit pink. He he he
Yes we know darling. Night night......

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