Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Our very first litter

We recently had our very own first litter from the union of Citrus and Putra. She mated on 2 September 2011 and was due on 4 November (63 days) so I took leave from 3rd until 8th November. Suffice to say, Citrus decided that she will deliver when mummy is not around to fuss over her on the 68th day on 9 November instead. :(( I was at a meeting the whole day and got only second hand news from my daughter who was by Citrus side from start to end.
A very tired and very pregnant Citrus
To confirm her pregnancy, we went to the vet and did an ultra sound when she was approximately 3 weeks pregnant. We saw two foetus with one more empty sac. We went home happy with the idea that there's going to be two only. He he he, NOT!
As the weeks went by, Citrus grew bigger and bigger and she kept eating everything that we placed in front of her. We gave her three to four portions of boiled chicken mixed with canned food on daily basis, together with kibbles on 24 hours. The canned food was varied between four flavours to keep her palate interested. I bet if she could talk, she would be demanding for ice creams, cookies and what nots!
And now, introducing the new addition to the Merican family and with their own Lagenda prefix:

Baby 1 : Brown Tabby and White Boy, 130g
Baby 2 : Brown Tabby and White Boy, 115g
Baby 3 : Tortie Girl, 105g
Baby 4 : Black and White Boy, 130g
Baby 5 : Brown and White Boy, 145g

More pictures will be added soon. :))

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