Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kittens Day 7

We have tried several names but only one stuck, Muezza our high white boy. The others have yet to be named. Sigh, we had a long list of girls' names but very short list for boys. Happily, despite not being able to name them yet, our babies have survived their first week on this earth and am happy to share that THEY HAVE OPENED THEIR EYES at the age of 5 days old. The harassed mum is also healthy and eating well and so are the baby sitters.

Baby 1 : Brown Tabby and White Male, 235g. Sleepy head couldn't keep his eyes open long enough to be photographed.
Baby 2 : Brown Tabby and White Male, 235g.  He opened his eyes just long enough to take this shot.
Baby 3 : Tortie Female, 210g. She's a feisty girl and holds her own at the milking station. You should  have seen her fiercely defending her right to milk, screaming and hitting anyone who tries to take her spot. :) so proud of her.

Baby 4 : Black and White Male, 240g. He opened his eyes slightly but decided that the world was not worth the effort to remain awake LOL.
Baby 5 : Muezza, 255g.  He is still the biggest in the litter and he was the first to open his eyes

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