Friday, 10 August 2012

Lagenda Litter B has arrived!

25 July 2012 will be a date that would definitely be remembered in this household. It was a repeat performance of her first birth - Citrus delivered when (a) I had a meeting and wasn't home (b) It was her 68th day of pregnancy and a new (c) a day before we left for Hong Kong!
Actually, we were getting rather frantic as she was due on Friday 20 July and we were leaving for Hong Kong on 26th July. We had already made tentative arrangements with Yati to assist in case she did not deliver on 25th, we had to sent her to Yati's house as my eldest daughter Liza is still not experienced in delivering a kitten. She started spotting blood on 23rd July so I was very excited and pleased. Unfortunately she still did not deliver. We had frantic telephone conversations with our vet, who calmly told us not to worry. We also made a mad dash to the vet in the morning (25/7) just to check whether Citrus and the babies were still all right (not a good idea I know but I was desparate) but she still showed no signs of delivering. In fact, Sara was constantly speaking to Citrus, urging her to give birth before we left for Hong Kong!
Just as I was going to give up and sent her over to Yati, she started her delivery! I was at the meeting and kept getting updates from Sara, my second daughter. According to Sara, the first baby came head first and she could see its pink nose and forehead. How exciting! I wish I was there!!!! The next one bottom first, thank goodness it did not get stuck! I was so happy, two beautiful babies! So introducing Lagenda Litter B:
Baby A : Three colours! Definitely a girl!
Baby B : Brown and White = Muezza Junior!!!
Happily suckling 
Day 0 : Baby A @ 150g, Baby B @ 125g
Baby A : just snugly fits my two hands
Baby B : also fits snugly in my two hands
Now comes the headache of naming the babies...... :)

More photos on Day 0.

Week 1 photos - eyes wide open! Baby A is now 260g and Baby B is 265g.

She is soooo pretty, my little princess 
Just as I took his photo, he decided to close his eyes but you can see that he is a cut of his older brother, Muezza!
Ever watchful mum - she was not too pleased that I was taking photos of the babies!

Week 2 photos - Both babies weights in at 365g, more than twice their birth weight. Now confirmed that Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy. :)
Baby B : Hello, what are you doing to me?
Citrus : What are you doing to my baby!!!! 
Baby B : Hello, what's on that side?
Citrus : Young man, this is NOT where you are supposed to be! 
They are now 16 days old. The boy is now 380g whereas the girl is 375g. They have started exploring the birthing tent and the boy had already crawled out of the tent twice! The girl is a bit timid and tends to hide behind the water bowl. Sigh, we had to keep "rescuing" her from behind the bowl.


  1. Absolutely awesome story...I love your Mama kitty and her babies...I can tell they are so loved....

    1. Thanks Nikita. We love all of them to bits so that is why we tend to keep the kittens instead. :)

  2. Yes...I understand...I would probably do the same....