Monday, 30 July 2012

CFA IDA Cat Show 2012 - Part 5

Day 5 - Final day in Hong Kong

Muezza saying farewell to the birds
It was a sunny day when we said good bye to Hong Kong. Edmond came to pick us up in time to reach the airport.

There was a bit of a hold up at the airport due to changes in the MAS policy with regards to shipping of live animals but we managed to sort it out with Hairri's help. Gosh, if not, we would have had to leave our three cats in Hong Kong!

Bye Edmond, hope to see you in September in KL! 
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Hong Kong. Kudos to Phebe and the rest of the organising committee for a well managed show, the email reminders really assisted in keeping us on track.

Special thanks to Nick Pun and Edmond Tang for our land arrangements, without both of you, we would have been stuck! Thanks to Vicky and Max of Zeman Maine Coon for your assistance at the AFCD and good luck in your future undertaking with Bayang. We hope that he brings lots of ribbons to your house. And finally, the biggest thanks would be to Hairri and Afza of Zikhafri Maine Coon for assisting us in the arrangements with the DVS, the permits etc and specially to Afza for grooming Muezza. Without both of you, we would not have attended the event :)

To Salju cattery (Aida and Shafiq), congrats on Kanang's achievement. I am sure he will bring more ribbons in future.

We've also met a lot of nice people including Virginia who had the most gorgeous male MCO kitten, not to mention two beautiful MCO female kittens! I cannot remember the name of the lady who had "bemusedly" placed a BSH (I think) when her MCO number was called. It was hilarious but her cat won in the first ring. Congrats to her. And to those who dropped by to say hello and give their honest opinions of our cats, thanks for your kind words (Jimmy, Suki, Adilah etc, you know who you are!).

Lastly, before we close this story, thanks to the Ciku-Kiwis (Ej & Ejam) and Hairri (again) for being such good sports to entertain an old woman and going shopping with her. And to both my daughters, Sara and Liza, thanks for your support, Sara by accompanying me and Liza for taking care of the babies.....He he he... Looking forward to the next show in ............??? :))

Afza & Yati - maybe next time you will be joining us instead of just sending or fetching us at the airport. :)

More photos here.

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