Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Kittens @ 4 weeks

The babies are now 4 weeks old. We will start them on solid food, beginning with souffle and next week to increase the amount with a mixture of RC Babycat kibbles and milk. We hope they will like their diet and will grow up healthy.

The Lagenda Kittens - Litter A
From left : Muezza Putra, Shah Putra, Adi Putra, Mega Ciku Jr and Tuksido Putra
Adi Putra
Shah Putra
Mega Ciku Jr
Tuksido Putra
Muezza Putra

Saturday, 3 December 2011

MIECC RC International Cat Show

The MIECC RC International Cat Show by the Asia Pacific Cat Club was held at the MINES on 3 December 2011. There was a total of 139 entries consisting of 72 entries in the long hair category, 39 in the short hair category and 28 household pets. Maine coons were the top entries, with a total of 27 coonies showing their stuff, 9 in the kitten class, 13 in the open/championship class, 2 in the Grand Champion class and 3 in the Premier class. Judges were Yayoi Satoh (Japan), Cheryle Pollack (Australia), Wayne Trevalthan (USA), Edward Maeda (Japan), Chloe Chung (Hong Kong), Allan Raymond (Australia) and Theresa Imboden (Australia).

We entered all three of our boys but Dusky could not make it as he had scratched and hurt his forehead badly. This is the second time we entered a CFA show but the first time we understand the judging and award system. Hence it was a rather exciting time for us, trying out our new knowledge (thanks to Jimmy and Adilah) re counting the points for CH and GC.

Of course Putra won first place and best of colour in his colour class in all six rings but the surprise of the day was when Boboy managed to win top 5 in all six rings. We happily collected his winnings and because we were tired, we happily went home, not realising that he had also won the title of Highest Scoring HHP! WOW WOW WOW! That was way, way, WAY beyond our expectations!

Happiness is receiving something unexpected.....

Putra the chicken hearted waiting in his show tent
Boboy just couldn't wait for his turn
Handsome little boy, watch out people, here comes a potential grand champion! (Zikhafri Hugh Artheze)
Last minute grooming for Boboy 
Handsome Daichi, he has grown soooo much, his papa says he is fat. You are not fat, just a bit more cuddly and Aunty still loves you. :)
Boboy being judged by Allan Raymond. We nearly missed being judged as we did not hear the first announcement and only made it just before the judge reached his cage! Phew!
But he was judged worthy of 2nd place in this ring
Now it Putuwawa's turn. Hmmmmmm, looks like crouching chicken.... ha ha ha, poor baby
Horray, Mr Timid got first place and best of colour in his colour class. NM baby, we will try to do better next year.
Tempe being judged

Ouch, there's too many photos to choose from! Anyway, here's the link for your viewing pleasure. Suffice to say, it was a good day for all of us, and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We hope to join other shows as well in future, just for the experience and more on catching up with old friends and making new friends.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Grooming lessons

Yati, Ej and Ejam came over on Sunday to show us how to groom a show cat. Suffice to say, after a belly full of cheese cakes from Secret Recipe and cream caramel from Yati, I was game for anything (read : too much sugar)
Sara had earlier bought some "salon" stuffs for Putra which had me rolling my eyes like "Hello! I use the all in one shampoo with conditioner, why do we need to spend so much for something on something and after bath and what nots for one little cat!. Including a very expensive comb and slicker brush! As if we don't have enough already". And Sara said (also rolling her eyes to me), it is for Putra. And that was that. So we ended up with stuff which we don't know how to use and which was why Yati, Ej and Ejam came to the rescue.

The model anxiously waiting for our guests to arrive
Shampoo stage
Sara's turn
Putra getting a kiss for being a brave boy
First rinse
The something on something shampoo
Putra - the not so brave after all
Final product - Conclusion : he's a bit pink. He he he
Yes we know darling. Night night......

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Kittens @ 2 weeks

The babies have started trying to stand on their own feet and walk. Muezza, being the biggest, was the first one to stop trembling long enough to walk a few steps before his legs gave away, bless the boy. We tried a group photo but the above was the best out of more than 50 shots, we couldn't get them to look forward long enough to take the shot. Thank god for digital camera!

Baby 1 : Brown Tabby and White Male, 345g
Baby 2 : Brown Tabby and White Male, 335g
Baby 3 : Tortie Girl, 305g
Baby 4 : Black and White Male, 345g
Baby 5 : Muezza, 380g

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Talk on CFA Mechanism

Thanks to Jimmy and Adilah, a group of newbies were given an introductory talk on the judging mechanism by the CFA. Suffice to say, we now understand how to calculate our cat's points based on the various colour coded "ribbons" given out by judges. We had a wonderful time especially the chit chat session after the class. And we hope that Jimmy and Adilah will organise more talks for the benefits of us newbies. Once again, thanks guys.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kittens Day 7

We have tried several names but only one stuck, Muezza our high white boy. The others have yet to be named. Sigh, we had a long list of girls' names but very short list for boys. Happily, despite not being able to name them yet, our babies have survived their first week on this earth and am happy to share that THEY HAVE OPENED THEIR EYES at the age of 5 days old. The harassed mum is also healthy and eating well and so are the baby sitters.

Baby 1 : Brown Tabby and White Male, 235g. Sleepy head couldn't keep his eyes open long enough to be photographed.
Baby 2 : Brown Tabby and White Male, 235g.  He opened his eyes just long enough to take this shot.
Baby 3 : Tortie Female, 210g. She's a feisty girl and holds her own at the milking station. You should  have seen her fiercely defending her right to milk, screaming and hitting anyone who tries to take her spot. :) so proud of her.

Baby 4 : Black and White Male, 240g. He opened his eyes slightly but decided that the world was not worth the effort to remain awake LOL.
Baby 5 : Muezza, 255g.  He is still the biggest in the litter and he was the first to open his eyes

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Kitten Photos : Day 3

Yes, like every proud parents, we took pictures of our babies on daily basis. So here's sharing some of the more memorable ones.
Baby 1 : Brown Tabby and White Boy, 200g
Baby 2 : Brown Tabby and White Boy, 180g
Baby 3 : Tortie Girl, 160g
Baby 4 : Black and White Boy, 205g
Baby 5 : Brown and White Boy, 200g