Sunday, 29 May 2011

Yati's Birthday Party

Okay, okay. This blog is about my foray into the feline world so Yati's birthday shouldn't be posted here. But then again, she is a cat friend and so SHOULD be mentioned here as well. :)) Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner at the seafood restaurant, then the group went off to see the lights at the I-City. Me and Liza could not follow as we had to clean our house for their visit later in the evening. :)) :)), we had to do the 5S housekeeping again.
The birthday cake
The birthday girl busy with the camera
Tucking in - absolutely marvelous food and great company
The obligatory group photo - Happy birthday Yati!
Birthday girl still busy with the camera

Monday, 23 May 2011

Pearl's status

Finally, after months of chasing the breeder, we manage to get Pearl's original registration slip!

Pearl sitting pretty on the hummock
The breeder initially claimed that he had submited the registration slip via email to TICA for approval and that TICA had approved the transfer, just waiting for the new slip from TICA. He had been saying that for the last couple of months. Out of exasperation, I had contacted TICA to confirm his claim. According to TICA, no such application were made by the said breeder. After confronting him with TICA's email, he still insisted that TICA was at fault but nevertheless he finally consented to give me Pearl's certificate to do the transfer of ownership myself. Imagine my surprise that he had not even signed nor completed the details of the transfer on the reverse side!

I was rather disappointed with the breeder as I had given him every opportunity to come clean and admit that he had not even sent the registration slip to TICA. But even with the proof in front of our eyes, he still blamed TICA for the delay. Bitter lesson learned!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Visit to Coonsphere

Elegant Prince
We went to see the new kittens at Coonsphere on Saturday. We met the elegant Prince, handsome Poseidon, cute little Holden Commodore and Bentley Flying Spur. Handsome cats and beautiful cute kittens. Thanks Ejay, we really had fun.

Poseidon - looking very bandit like with his black patch
Cute little Holden
Adorable little Bentley
More photos

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Visiting Amber

Remember Amber? She is Pearl's twin, the other kitten that I initially wanted to buy but Pearl jumped up first :). When I first saw Amber way back in February 2011, she was bigger than Pearl. We visited her a few times since then. But during our last couple of visits to see her, she looks a bit smaller and thinner. We were informed by the breeder that she lost weight as she had just had her "on heat" cycle whereby she normally eats less. Poor baby, her fingers were dirty and she looked so bedraggled! But when we went back a couple of days later to take some photos, she had been cleaned and her nails had been clipped.

Her face looks bigger than Pearl's but her body seems slightly shorter.

We also took some photos of other maine coons at the shop. See photos

Sunday, 15 May 2011

We are finally registered!

Friday 13 May we received Putra's registration slip from CFA. Then on Sunday 15 May, we received confirmation that our cattery has been duly registered with CFA - yippie! Double joy!

Now we are only waiting for Pearl's registration under TICA before we can start our breeding programme in full. Thank goodness we manage to get another girl recently, a very pretty girl indeed. Pearl is cute but the new girl is super model status (IMHO) He he he, she is a gem! Will post photos of her soon.

Anyway, we are now happily known as Lagenda Cattery (CFA reg. no. 224426), a small home based cattery located in Shah Alam, Selangor specialising in maine coons.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Cats do the darnest thing!

I am sure that all of you cat owners have had your share of the fun things that your cats do that will stick in your memory forever. After 3 months into this adventure, I would like to share some of mine.

Boboy the romeo
Boboy - when we first got Pearl, he was pretty smitten with the girl. On the second day, he actually offered Pearl his favourite toy (of which prior to that event, he has never shared with anyone and will always growl whenever Dusky tries to get near the toy). Imagine the scene, Pearl sitting under the table, Boboy putting his most favourite toy on the floor in front of Pearl. Ahh, the potential for a photo shot - not! There was a flurry of legs and there was Pearl being overwhelmed by Dusky. The look on Boboy's face! Anyway, the macho boy that he was, he sat down and calmly licked his tail. Hmmm, my hero!

Putra fast asleep after demanding to be petted to sleep
Putra - the first day he was home, I kept carrying him around, he was such a good boy, he did not mind all the attention. Suddenly I felt something wet on my hand. Yikes, he pee'd on my hand! Thank goodness we were standing in front of the toilet so I quickly placed him in the toilet and quickly wiped the floor. When I went to picked him up, he was looking soooo forlorn and scared, the boy actually knew he had done something wrong. At that time, we had not introduced him to the litter box yet so it wasn't his fault. :))

Another incident would be when he laid down and put his head on my arm. So I started to pet and stroke him until he closed his eyes. Thinking that he was asleep, I stopped. He lazily opened his right eye and patted me on the face. So I had no choice but to continue. Then, just to test him, I stopped. This time he did not bother to open his eyes, he just patted me on my face again the naughty boy! So of course mummy had to obey!

Dusky at the Harbour Place Mall
Dusky - one memory of Dusky which I cannot forget was when he was introducing himself to Putra. There was Putra, in his cage, growling and showing his teeth with his face near the bars and the ears all flat. And here comes Dusky with his ears held high happily sniffing at the bars, and then shoving his face as near as possible to the growling Putra and just happily trying to sniff Putra. Putra actually stopped growling and made a small questioning meow. Then Dusky turn and happily went to play with Boboy. Ahhh, my brave little braveheart.

Cute little Pearl on her first day home
Pearl - when I first met her, she had this sweet face with a very sweet voice. Whenever we held her and she was not happy with the hug, she will say meow but in a kind of questioning voice, like saying "Mummy, could you let me down, pretty please?". She is absolutely adorable!

When we got her, we were surprised to note that she shared Boboy's birthday as she was rather small, more of Dusky's size rather than Boboy's size. She is now nearly eight months but has not developed as well as I would have liked. Still, she is a cutie pie.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cracking the code to medication!

We've finally cracked the code to giving medication to the babies!!

A very scared Putra on the way to the vet.
He does not travel well and refuses to stay in the carrier.
Ok, ok, I posted this initially last week just before the Blogspot crashed. When the nice people from Blogspot reinstated my blog, my last post was missing and there was no backup. :(

So, for the newbies, the secret to giving medication to our feline friends is ....... READ ON. :))

If you have been following my blog, you would have read about our difficulty in giving medication. (Read here). Last few weeks, we had to keep going to the vet as one after another (except for Dusky), the babies caught the flu. So we had to learn fast as we have 4 kittens to give medication to!
Putra ran straight to the end of the carrier after the visit to the vet

Actually, it got easier to give oral medication to Boboy, Pearl and my new baby girl once you've mastered the use of the syringe. Yes, pop in the pills and before they can spit it out, give them water via syringe. They will definitely have to swallow! :))

But Putra is another story altogether. He refuses to swallow the pills so we had to crush the pills, mix with water and use the syringe to feed him. Although initially it was a bit messy, it works beautifully! So now everyone is happy, the baby got his medication, the Mama is less stressed out. :))

So now we have lots of the disposable syringe in the house. Just in case. :))

The case of the new bed

Aren't cats finicky? Take Putra for instance. He sleeps with us most nights and when he does, he will rotate between sleeping on the bed between me and my husband or on the floor. And when we put him back in the cage during the day when we have to work, he complains that he has to sleep on the cage floor which was lined with part of the box that the cage came in.

We took pity on him and so yesterday, after much hunting and searching, we bought him a small bed with mattress. A nice, relatively soft foam bed with side foamed enclosure. Hmmmm..... read on.

Hei everyone, look at my new bed! Thanks mum, I love it!
When we went home, we quickly placed the bed in his cage and he, being a sensible cat, sniffed the whole bed and mattress. Ok good news, he happily laid down on the mattress with a smug look on his face, showing off to all the other four cats. 

Dusky and Boboy trying the bed for size
This morning, after giving them breakfast, I placed the babies all into their cages as we were going out. When I came out, there was an awful stench coming from Putra's cage - yes you've guessed it, Putra pee'd on the mattress! The new RM100 bed! I couldn't stop laughing!

The offending material was carted off to the washing machine and had to be washed twice to get rid of the stench. But once it dried, we placed the bed in my bedroom instead. Of course the other boys had to try it for size! But Putra refused even to sit near the bed and steered clear of the area. :))

That was not the end of the story. Sara, bless her, placed another pillow in Putra's cage because she felt sorry for the kid. And yes, you've guessed it, he pee'd on it again! This time, because the pillow did not have a plastic lining, the water passed right through and stained the board lining the cage. Ha ha ha, the stench was unbearable! In the end, we had to cut away the offending part and placed his potty over the exposed area. I do hope that there will not be another 'accident' tonight!

So new owners, be prepared for anything!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Harbour Place Mall Fun Cat Show - Part 2

We really had fun during the event and the activities organised were also fun to watch. We met a lot of people and made friends as well. I am partial to maine coons so was really happy that Tempe won the overall best cat! There were other beautiful cats but I believe Tempe is the best of them all. But my overall favourite would be Jebat Arjuna, the most friendly and regal looking cat! I will definitely attend future events if possible but not sure whether I will bring my babies along, it is rather stressful for them.

Jebat Arjuna
Thank you aka Prepaid (Putra's twin)
Upin - he slept right through the whole day
Handsome Tempe - Overall winner!
Ej (Tempe's Papa) and Sara
Lunch with friends
Photo with the gang
More photos

Harbour Place Mall Fun Cat Show

Boboy and Dusky looking forward to the show
Just for fun, we entered Boboy and Dusky for the KKM Fun Cat Show at Harbour Place Mall in Klang. It was our first experience as a participant, I can honestly say it was fun for the humans but not for my babies. Dusky  freaked out and was really unhappy the whole day whereas Boboy fared better, he was enjoying the attention in the afternoon.

The day before the event, both of them had to have their nails cut, their ears clean and of course the mandatory bath. Obviously there were some complaints from Dusky but it went alright. By 6pm, both of them were clean, smelling lovely and hungry! By midnight, we had to remove the food bowl to start their fast but we left the water bowl for them, the poor babies.

For obvious reasons, our boys did not win but we came home with lots of goodies for them. As usual with cat shows, there were vendors selling their products at discounted prices or with lots of freebies. Since changing our babies' diet from one main meal a day to two main meals a day, we've decided to try a cheaper brand rather than the RC Baby Instinctive mousse. So we came home with enough canned and package food to last for one month with the hope that Mr Fussy Eater aka Boboy will be happy with the various flavours. Thank goodness he does not object! We still give them fresh meat or chicken just to keep the balance.

Pictures of the event :
Liza and Sara helping me carry the kids
Boboy being vetted by the doctor present.
He had to be checked twice as we had to clean his ears. Doh! After all the grooming!
Next it was Dusky's turn. He was ok.
Last minute cleaning
Mummy, this does not look like our room, it's too small!
Mummy, can we go home now? This place is scary!
Boboy being judged
Two very hungry kitten, very glad to be back in the carrier.