Sunday, 24 July 2011

5th HHP Cat Show

A day after moving house, we participated in the 5th HHP Cat Show by showing Boboy and Dusky. The judging was carried out by three invited judges, Thomas Low (Singapore), Marie Belpalme (Australia) and Zamina Zainal Ariffin (Malaysia).

We are pleased to note (he he he, more like estatic) that Dusky managed to get all three ribbons whereas Boboy got two ribbons of which one of the judges was so impressed with Boboy's grooming, she said "Excellent grooming, macam professional grooming!". Way to go Sara!

And Boboy, even though you only managed to get two ribbons, Mummy is also proud because you came third and first in the two rings.

Dusky getting his ribbon autographed
Boboy receiving his first ribbon from Marie (third place)
Zamina gave Boboy first place in her ring for excellent grooming - way to go Sara!
Two very tired contestants, fast asleep in the carrier on the way home

Thanks to the organisers (Pak Cu and geng) for organising such a fun event.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Baby Gym and Tunnel

When we bought the baby gym and tunnel for our fur-kids, we never expected it to be such a hit, especially with Boboy, he practically attacked the gym! LOL but we had so much fun watching them play.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Visit by Japanese Delegation

A delegation from Japan visited us recently to check on Citrus who was suffering from a fungal infection. He he he thanks guys, it was fun! Amazingly they could actually walk in the outfit. Sara also joined them in the photo session donning her kimono (ahem).

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Weekend to Remember

After the hectic CFA show last weekend, we decided to bring Putra out more often in order to develop his confidence in travelling and meeting new people, thus ensuring that at the next show, he will not freak out. So we invited ourselves to Zilla's house as she posted she was having pasta for lunch.

Although most of the time Putra stayed in his show tent, we really had a good time. Zilla's daughter, Mira, was a natural with animals. She had Putra licking her fingers in no time.

More photos

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What to feed your cats

I am always perplex at the choices of food available for our cats. When I first started my journey into the feline world, I thought it was easy, just go to the supermarket and buy Whiskas. Little did I know, there are other brands such as Royal Canin (seems to be Malaysia's favourite), Friskies, Fancy Feast, Avoderm, Evo etc etc. There's also different food for different age group, from babies (upto 4 months) to kitten (upto 1 year old) and adult (>1 year). And there's kibbles and canned food (wet food).

It was actually too much information for me to digest so I sought advise from a few of my feline lovers friends and yes, most of them use the Royal Canin kibbles. So we got the RC Kitten 36 for our babies as they were more than 5 months when we got them and have added RC Hair and Skin for our 3 maine coons. We have added the RC Maine Coon for Putra as he is already 11 months old. We also give them wet food on daily basis for breakfast and dinner and occasionally we will give them boiled chicken or minced meat instead of the canned food. We have tried various canned food but it seems that they prefer either Natural Balance or Avoderm in view that they came in several flavours.

However, based on internet search and advise from some friends, we found out that we may not have been giving the best for our cats after all. We are now looking more at the labels ie choose food that is more protein based than carbohydrate based especially the first five ingredients listed.

We are now mixing Evo Turkey and Chicken kibbles with our RC. The cats have not complained except when we tried to feed them RC Instinctive (wet food) - they don't seem to like it except for Citrus so we are not stocking up on it anymore.

Anyway, we are still learning. We will get the combination right one of these days. At the moment, we are giving the following kibble combination:

  • Putra (maine coon, almost 1 years old) = 40% RC Maine Coon, 40% Evo Turkey and Chicken and 20% RC Hair and Skin.
  • Citrus and Pearl (maine coons, 10 & 9 months old respectively) = 40% RC H&S, 40% Evo T&C; 20% RC Kitten 36
  • Boboy and Dusky (HHP, 9 and 8 months old respectively) = 90% RC Kitten 36 and 10% Evo T&C

We are still varying the wet food and alternating between different flavours and brands. We need to increase Putra's weight in view (we were informed) that he is slightly underweight for his age. However we note that since the introduction of Evo, their poo is slightly more smelly than ever, probably due to the higher protein content. 

If you need more info, please go to :

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Visit to the Vet - again

Just to share some photos of Putra's visit to our vet. Thanks Dr Zul and Dr Zabariah for being there for us.
Putra's usual position in the car - hiding his face
The little boy being comforted by his sister 
Mummy holding on to Putra while the vet is trying to give him his medication. Don't worry boy, it is not going to hurt.
Good looking Dr Zul
Cute Dr Zabariah

Monday, 4 July 2011

4th HHP Malaysia Cat Show

Phew another fantastic weekend! First it was the Cat Friends of Asia V show, then it was the 4th HHP Malaysia Cat Show. We are very proud to announce that Dusky won three ribbons yesterday in the neutered short hair category (1st ring = no 9, 2nd ring = no 12 & 3rd ring = no. 4). He he he, and we finally narrowed down one of his ancestors as a manx - thanks to Hairi, Afza and Allan.

Thanks Pak Chu and his team, we really had a wonderful time and hope to see you again at the 5th HHP Malaysia Cat Show on 25 July 2011. To the other contestants, hope to meet you all again.

Additional photos

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cat Friends Asia V

We had a fabulous time at the Cat Friends Asia V, thank you to the hardworking organisers and their helpers. Although Putra didn't win anything, we made headways in our adventure in this wonderful world of cats - we learned about how to carry our Putra, how to train him so that he can perform better at the next show, saw fantastic show cats. But last and not least (which is the most fun part of the show), we made new friends and other cat lovers and their bosses including Putra's look-a-like Daichi (go boy go!).

So here's sharing some of my favourites :

Introducing Daichi - Putra's playful twin from Japan
Pretty Lady - she is adorable!
Edward Maeda checking out QQ
Allan Davies checking out Durio

Gorgeous Leo being vetted by Yeoko Takano
Putra being checked out by Cheryl U'ren
New friends :
Daichi (left) and Putra (right) meeting for the first time.
Don't worry, we separated them before things got ugly :))
Daichi's "slave" - Fui Yau
With Afza (holding Putra) and Hairi
With Rizal, Siti & Jimmy. I did not get the name of the lady with the camera. 
I believe she is Rizal & Siti's friend. 
Allen giving me some tips on how to train Putra.
And my most treasured feline friends. Thanks for the support guys
especially Yati (not in picture) for the food!

There are too many photos, too many memories of beautiful cats and their willing 'slaves' (he he he). Enjoy the rest of the show photos.