Monday, 29 July 2013

13th Thailand Cat Show 2013

The next show we attended was the 13th Thailand Cat Show 2013, a 10 AB ring show organised by the Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand from 27 to 28 July 2013 at MCC Convention Hall Floor 4, The Mall Bangkapi. Judges were Yukiko Hayata, Ayumi Ueda, Wakako Nagayama, Kayoko Koizumi, Allan Davies, Becky Orlando, Cheryle U'Ren, Rod U'Ren, Yaeko Takano and Megumi Yamashita. For this show, we only brought along Muezza as the others were not in show form (and we wanted to enjoy Bangkok this time round).
Muezza did pretty well, he finalled in all rings finishing at no. 3, 4, 6, 3, 4, 6, 2, 6, 4 & 3. Am a happy mum :))
And I also won the lucky draw - a brand new Samsung Grand handphone! All in, a very enjoyable show, met lots of friends and made new friends as well :)

Muezza admiring the view from our hotel
The Malaysian contingent with their precious cargos
The Malaysian contingent happily posing with their sketches

My new Samsung Grand!
Poor Sein, he could not keep his eyes open!
He he he, could not resist putting this up. Milo is soooo adorable!
Ring 1 : Yukiko Hayata
Ring 2 : Ayumi Ueda
Ring 3 : Wakako Nagayama
Ring 4 : Kayoko Koizumi
Ring 5 : Allan Davis
Ring 6 : Becky Orlando
Ring 7 : Cheryle U'ren
Ring 8 : Rod U'ren
Ring 9 : Yaeko Takano
Ring 10 : Megumi Yamashita

Monday, 8 July 2013

PFF 3rd International CFA Champion Cat Show, Bangkok 6 & 7 July 2013

We brought Muezza and Ike to their first international show for this season at the PFF 3rd International CFA Champion Cat Show held in Bangkok from 6 to 7 July 2013.
The event hall was nice and roomy, with lots of space for the exhibitors. Although it was initially warm as the aircon was not switched on, the room was airy through out the day and there was a spot right in the middle of the hall whereby if you talk, everyone in the room can hear you - very good acoustics :))

The Lagenda team did reasonable well, Muezza granded on the first day and went on to the second day to compete as a grand. Suffice to say, he was good enough to final as one of the top five premiers to be selected for the Best of the Best award at the end of the show. Of course he did not win the Best of the Best award but we were ever so proud of this boy of ours, he brings much honour to our cattery by granding in one show in Bangkok last season and again granding in Bangkok as a premier (although in two shows). And he also received a Judge's ribbon from Allan Davies (our first!).

Muezza, Ike and Kanang sharing their rosettes
Ring 1 : Yukiko Hayata
Ring 2 : Edward Maeda
Ring 3 : Kayako Koizumi
Ring 4 : Yayoi Satoh
Ring 5 : Irina Kharchenko
Ring 6 : Nadejda Rumyantseva
Day 2 Ring 1 : Rachel Anger 
Day 2 Ring 2 : Wakako Nagayama
Day 2 Ring 3 : Yaeko Takano
Day 2 Ring 4 : Kenji Takano
Day 2 Ring 5 : Cheryle U'Ren
Day 2 Ring 6 : Allan Davies 
Additional photos :

Day 1 Saturday 6 July 2013 :