Monday, 28 May 2012

Yati's Birthday and Visit to ZMC (again)

As usual, we arranged for a small surprised birthday party for Yati's birthday last week on 29 May. The steamboat and grill was great and we had great fun during dinner. Of course, there were birthday cake and presents. There was an "oops" moment when Sara realised that the price tag had not been removed - BIG OOPPPSS - LOL but it was fun.

More photos

But the best birthday gift for Yati (and the rest of us) was the visit to ZMC's house! There were squeals of laughter and deep intake of breathe when the door was opened, Pandabear and gang were all over the floor! And the babies - oh wow!

Time flies when we are having fun so we hope that the ZMC will allow us to visit them again. Really, absolutely gorgeous cats!

Beautiful cat photos!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fabulous Felines 1st International 8 rings All-Breed Championship Show

Fabulous Felines, a new club registered with TICA, held their first TICA International 8 rings All-Breed Championship Show on 20 May 2012 at the SSTwo Mall, Petaling Jaya. The judges were :
  • Ring 1 : Amanda Bright, AB, US
  • Ring 2 : Pascal Remy, AB, France
  • Ring 3 : Ryoko Doi, AB, Japan
  • Ring 4 : Yukimasa Hattori, AB, Japan
  • Ring 5 : Nancy Parkinson, AB, US
  • Ring 6 : Barbara Ray, AB, US
  • Ring 7 : Sue Becknell, AB, US
  • Ring 8 : Haruyo Tomonari, AB, Japan

The ring clerks setting up the prizes
As this is our first time showing in TICA, we've entered Putra (Championship), Boboy (HHP) and three kittens (Shah, Tuksido and Muezza) just to see where our cats stand.

Despite some initial and minor set backs, the event ran quite smoothly. Ribbons and rosettes were awarded to all top 10 cats/kittens in respective category ie championship, alters, kittens, HHP and HHP kittens. And the top 5 cats for each category will be scored for TICA and Fabulous Feline Awards.

We are also pleased to note that some of the cat lovers/fanciers turned up to give morale support to the exhibitors. Thank you Mastura and Zaki, Aida and Shafiq, Aiko and Gavin, Fui Yau, Jimmy, Nancy and the rest of the Felis Wonder team and all the others whose names I do not know or cannot remember. We appreciate your support and hope that you will join us at the next show to be held on 24 June 2012.

So how did the Lagenda team do?

Arena Lagenda Putra Coon, Open Category

Putra finalled in seven out of eight rings, scoring 8, 8, 0, 6, 2, 7, 5 and 10. He was the highest scoring longhair cat in Ring 5, thanks to Nancy Parkinson. This is more than what we expected considering the quality of the other cats on show.

Legendary Boboy, HHP Category

For this show, we had changed his name slightly to reflect that he is from the Lagenda team as we could not place the cattery name as the prefix but Boboy did very well in his first foray in TICA. He finalled in all rings and scored no 2, 3, 3, 1, 1, 6, 4 and 1. The best news was he came home with the Best HHP trophy plus a lot of goodies which actually covered his entrance fees and then some! Besides the trophy, we got a set of Chris Christensen's products (Clean Start, Day to Day, White on White, Show off, Silk Spirits and a 27mm Purple Fusion GroomGrip Pocket Pin Brush), two packs of cat litter and a bottle of supplement. Sara was over the moon with the CC products!

Shah with Sara, Judge Pascal Remy, Muezza with Mama and Tuksido with Liza
Lagenda Shah Putra, Kitten Category
Shah Putra did not let us down. He finalled in most rings except for Rings 3 and 6. He scored no. 3, 2, 0, 2, 2, 0, 10 and 5. Mummy could not stop smiling from happiness and is very proud of you as well baby.

Lagenda Tuksido Putra, Kitten Category
Tuksido was my wildcard, we were not sure whether he will make the finals or not. But he did not disappoint and gave a good run scoring at seven out of eight rings : 5, 6, 1, 6, 1, 4, 1, 0. He was also crowned overall Reserve in Show for the Kitten Category. Mummy is very happy, he also came home with lots of goodies and like Boboy, his wins has already paid for his entrance fee. The only CC product he did not get was the comb and the Silk Spirit.

Lagenda Muezza Putra, Kitten Category
Muezza surpassed our expectations. He finalled in all 8 rings, scoring no 1, 1, 2, 1, 6, 1, 3 and 1. He lost out to Tuksido in 3 rings but came home with the Best Kitten in Show! It was really, really, really beyond our expectation. There were other beautiful kittens on show but somehow, the judges picked him as the best, thank you very much!

Lagenda Mega Ciku Jr of Ciku Kiwi, Kitten Category
The Ciku-Kiwis also entered Mega in the show and finalled in 7 out of the 8 rings scoring no. 9, 4, 8, 5, 9, 7, 9 and 0. Great show girl!

Mega in Ring 2 being judged by Pascal Remy

Overall, I am very happy with the Lagenda team. We came home with more than we expected and boy, it feels great!!! I still have not recovered from Muezza's win at the FIFe show last month and now he has managed to get the Best Kitten award followed by Tuksido! I am really, really proud of my first litter!

Some of the Exhibitors
Putra being judged by Amanda in Ring 1
Pascal and Legendary Boboy
Muezza playing in Ryoko's ring
Muezza and Shah with their ribbons in Yukimasa's ring
Tuksido receiving his no 1 ribbon from Nancy
Mega in Barbara's ring
Scarlett being judged by Sue in Ring 7
Muna in Haruyo's ring
Tempe aka Durio
Introducing the most beautiful kitten, Scarlet
Thanks to Fabulous Felines and their team for organising this event and thanks to the judges for choosing our cats and above all, thanks to my two (long suffering) daughters for assisting me in the show. Five cats and eight rings are too much for one person :)

More photos :
Thank you Fabulous Felines for organising the show. Hope to see you next month.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Smartheart-Mydin-KKM FIFe International Cat Show

Our group
We entered Putra, Shah, Tuksido and Muezza at the FIFe one ring show just for fun and also to gauge how our three boys handles the show. The Ciku-Kiwis also entered Mega as well so the Lagenda kittens are (almost) complete. The event was held at Mydin USJ on 6 May 2012.

In total, there were 63 pedigree cats consisting of Exotics, Persians, Maine Coons, Birmans, Bengals, BSHs, Sphynx, Orientals and Siamese.

The Arenas did very well that day with Putra landing second place in the Adult Semi-Long Hair category whereas Tempe came in third. Both of them received their Certificat d'Aptitude au Championnat (CAC) Certificate. Under FIFe, you have to earn 3 CAC Certificates to be awarded the Champion Title. This is Putra's second CAC and also Tempe's third so technically, Tempe has already earned the right to his Champion Title. Congratulations Tempe!

In the Junior category, Kanang was crowned best cat with Apple Crumble as second. Both were given the EX 1 (excellent) Award.

Yati's team (Keranji Cattery) also hogged the limelight, her sphinx came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the short hair category!!! Way to go Yati.

The Lagenda boys also did well conquering the No. 1, 2 and 3 spots (Muezza, Tuksido and Shah) in the Kitten category and all of them were awarded the Excellent award. But the best surprised was Muezza. Being Best Kitten in the Semi-Long Haired Category, he went on to win the Best Semi-Long Haired Category and then the overall Reserve in Show!!!! Gosh, we were all in cloud nine, making so much noise that we actually overshadowed the overall champion.

We are really, really proud of Muezza, he brought home the most goodies, including a Galaxy Y handphone. We hope he and the rest of the Lagenda Litter A will do well in future shows.

More photos

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Parting with your babies

When we started on this journey into the feline world last year, we were confident we will be able to overcome anything that comes our way. OMG, looking back, we realised how cocky and over-confident were we! We can now laugh at ourselves and we hope that others will read our blog and learn from our mistakes.

Our next lesson in this feline world is letting go of our kittens. Sigh, even though I promised not to be emotional when our kittens leave home, it is still a painful experience.

The first to go was Mega who left us on 7 April 2012. She is now happily residing with our friends Hafizul and Ejam of Ciku Kiwi Cattery. We see her almost every other weekend so it is not too bad.

Next to leave home was Addy Putra on 17 April 2012. Our boy is also happily residing with Mastura and her family and hopefully not bullying his family too much. I miss his chatter! Sara, our drama queen, had been crying for the last few nights before he left. But I believe he is going to be ok, he was already exploring the whole house even before we left! I am so happy that he can adapt well to the change in environment. His new mum says that he was off his food for a few days but is now ok. I am glad.

Mastura keeps us updated with photos and he looks absolutely happy and very, very spoilt! :)

Friday, 4 May 2012

Food Revisited

Although I am still a beginner, I have received various requests for guidance on what to feed our beloved cats and there has been many posts on FB in the recent weeks with regards to certain brands containing items which are considered taboo to the Muslims. As a muslim, I normally read the contents of food that I buy. If you are unsure, don't buy, get another one. That is my motto.

Another reason why I read the labels is that I want to know what I am feeding my cats. I try to pick food which do not contain a lot of fillers like maize or corn or chicken/fish meals as they are not what the cats should eat. However, we also have to test it on the cats and they are rather choosy as to what they want to eat.

I have tried variety of brands both dry and wet food and have also tried giving them raw meat. Nevertheless, after trying various brands and combination of brands, we now feed them the following :

1. All MCOs - RC Maine Coon 31 kibbles mixed with RC Kitten 36.
2. Expecting and Nursing Mums - RC Kitten 36 kibbles
3. All kittens - RC Kitten 36 kibbles
4. All HHPs - RC Fit 32 kibbles

The kibbles are served all day and of course they have access to water bottles/bowls. They are also given wet food at least twice a day, either a can of Fancy Feast/Avoderm/Evo per cat (different flavours) or boiled chicken. (They prefer Fancy Feast and boiled chicken though.)

I find that my two HHPs (both of whom have been neutered) do not put on additional weight since giving them Fit 32 kibbles. My five month old kittens loves their kibbles although they sometimes "steal" their Papa's Maine Coon kibbles. So maybe it is time to add MC to their menu.

Their menu may change again as there's some new kibbles in town. :)

Please note that I am not a spokesperson for RC/Fancy Feast/Avoderm/Evo, just a user trying to find the best combination of food for my cats.

Also, there is many articles or write-ups or blogs on what to feed your cats, the pros and cons of dry food (kibbles) as opposed to wet food, the pros and cons of raw meat as compared to processed or boiled meat etc. I do not want to get involved in these debates as what I feed my cats is what I feel is the best for them ie a combination of wet and dry food and also what they want to eat. :) Like I said earlier, I am not a spokesman for all the products mentioned here.