Saturday, 28 July 2012

CFA IDA Cat Show 2012 - Part 3

Day 3 in Hong Kong : Today is the D-day for our kittens.....

We managed to get ready in time for the show. It is a 6-ring show and today, it is the turn of the alters and the kittens. The format is the same as in Malaysia but I believe they are better organised. The event started with vetting in at 10 am with the judging actually starting around 11 am. But being experienced judges, the event finished at around 5pm.

In the end, although Bayang played at all the rings (gosh, how does he maintain his energy through out the day!), we did not manage to final in any of the rings. Ike was  graceful and calm in the rings but if there was any award for the most playful kitten, I would have voted for Bayang. He was really, really playful. LOL being 5 months old, he was the smallest maine coon, even losing out in size to two 4-months old MCO female. :) But all of us had fun, despite losing, we were laughing through out the show.

We broke fast at one of the best muslim restaurant in Hong Kong IMHO. We finally had Hong Kong food and it was great!  The waitress was very nice and tried her best to accommodate our request. Unfortunately, they ran out of crabs so we had to settle for prawns.

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