Sunday, 29 July 2012

CFA IDA Cat Show 2012 - Part 4

Day 4 : Open/Championship

This is the acid test for both Salju and Lagenda Catteries. Are our boys up to the mark or are they just "one of the average boys"? It is both Kanang's and Muezza's first show in the Open category so we were very, very nervous.

Ring 1 : Bob Zenda

Ring 1 (Bob Zenda) : Kanang won the Best of Breed but did not make the finals.
Ring 1 : Muezza came third in his colour class 
Ring 2 : Becky Orlando

In Ring 2 (Becky Orlando) : Muezza was the Best of Breed with Kanang in Second Place
Kanang finalled in Becky Orlando's ring and was placed in 10th position. :)) So absolutely happy!
My baby was placed 6th place and also got 3rd All Breed and  3rd Best Longhair Champion - WOW!!!!
Ring 3 : Diana Rothermel

In Ring 3 (Diana Rothermel), Kanang was best of breed

Muezza managed to get 2nd Best of Breed in Diana's ring but did not final
Kanang finalled in Diana's ring and took the 10th place
Ring 4 : Ellyn Honey

Ring 5 : Jeri Zottoli

Again Kanang was 2nd BOB
And Muezza came third in his colour class - again :)
Ring 6 : Darrell Newkirk

Wow, final ring and my boy was BOB with Kanang 2nd BOB!!!!

And he went on to win 6th place, 2nd Best Allbreed and 2nd Best Longhair Champion!
Max and Vicky - thanks for your help and support
The Feline Lovers Team and their winning cats 
Celebration dinner!
Best nasi goreng in Hong Kong :)
Shopping time...

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