Friday, 27 July 2012

CFA IDA Cat Show 2012 - Part 2

Day 2 : Continuing our adventure in Hong Kong

Edmond picked us up early to bring us to the AFCD. The procedure was painless to say the least, as long as your documentation was in order. Within a couple of hours, we had completed our business and after sending the cats back to the hotel, we went for some sight seeing.

Suffice to say, we managed to cover a lot of ground, first going to the Peak, then to a Pet Expo, then did some shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui, ending with breaking of fast at an Indian restaurant at Chung King mansion where Sara was "mobbed" by the various "promoters" of several muslim restaurants in view that she had her head scarf on. LOL, we got a taste of what the celebrities had to go through!

Poor Ejam was too tired to eat, we had to buy take away for him

More photos of Day 2 in Hong Kong

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Onwards to Day 3.

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