Sunday, 8 May 2011

The case of the new bed

Aren't cats finicky? Take Putra for instance. He sleeps with us most nights and when he does, he will rotate between sleeping on the bed between me and my husband or on the floor. And when we put him back in the cage during the day when we have to work, he complains that he has to sleep on the cage floor which was lined with part of the box that the cage came in.

We took pity on him and so yesterday, after much hunting and searching, we bought him a small bed with mattress. A nice, relatively soft foam bed with side foamed enclosure. Hmmmm..... read on.

Hei everyone, look at my new bed! Thanks mum, I love it!
When we went home, we quickly placed the bed in his cage and he, being a sensible cat, sniffed the whole bed and mattress. Ok good news, he happily laid down on the mattress with a smug look on his face, showing off to all the other four cats. 

Dusky and Boboy trying the bed for size
This morning, after giving them breakfast, I placed the babies all into their cages as we were going out. When I came out, there was an awful stench coming from Putra's cage - yes you've guessed it, Putra pee'd on the mattress! The new RM100 bed! I couldn't stop laughing!

The offending material was carted off to the washing machine and had to be washed twice to get rid of the stench. But once it dried, we placed the bed in my bedroom instead. Of course the other boys had to try it for size! But Putra refused even to sit near the bed and steered clear of the area. :))

That was not the end of the story. Sara, bless her, placed another pillow in Putra's cage because she felt sorry for the kid. And yes, you've guessed it, he pee'd on it again! This time, because the pillow did not have a plastic lining, the water passed right through and stained the board lining the cage. Ha ha ha, the stench was unbearable! In the end, we had to cut away the offending part and placed his potty over the exposed area. I do hope that there will not be another 'accident' tonight!

So new owners, be prepared for anything!

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