Monday, 9 May 2011

Cats do the darnest thing!

I am sure that all of you cat owners have had your share of the fun things that your cats do that will stick in your memory forever. After 3 months into this adventure, I would like to share some of mine.

Boboy the romeo
Boboy - when we first got Pearl, he was pretty smitten with the girl. On the second day, he actually offered Pearl his favourite toy (of which prior to that event, he has never shared with anyone and will always growl whenever Dusky tries to get near the toy). Imagine the scene, Pearl sitting under the table, Boboy putting his most favourite toy on the floor in front of Pearl. Ahh, the potential for a photo shot - not! There was a flurry of legs and there was Pearl being overwhelmed by Dusky. The look on Boboy's face! Anyway, the macho boy that he was, he sat down and calmly licked his tail. Hmmm, my hero!

Putra fast asleep after demanding to be petted to sleep
Putra - the first day he was home, I kept carrying him around, he was such a good boy, he did not mind all the attention. Suddenly I felt something wet on my hand. Yikes, he pee'd on my hand! Thank goodness we were standing in front of the toilet so I quickly placed him in the toilet and quickly wiped the floor. When I went to picked him up, he was looking soooo forlorn and scared, the boy actually knew he had done something wrong. At that time, we had not introduced him to the litter box yet so it wasn't his fault. :))

Another incident would be when he laid down and put his head on my arm. So I started to pet and stroke him until he closed his eyes. Thinking that he was asleep, I stopped. He lazily opened his right eye and patted me on the face. So I had no choice but to continue. Then, just to test him, I stopped. This time he did not bother to open his eyes, he just patted me on my face again the naughty boy! So of course mummy had to obey!

Dusky at the Harbour Place Mall
Dusky - one memory of Dusky which I cannot forget was when he was introducing himself to Putra. There was Putra, in his cage, growling and showing his teeth with his face near the bars and the ears all flat. And here comes Dusky with his ears held high happily sniffing at the bars, and then shoving his face as near as possible to the growling Putra and just happily trying to sniff Putra. Putra actually stopped growling and made a small questioning meow. Then Dusky turn and happily went to play with Boboy. Ahhh, my brave little braveheart.

Cute little Pearl on her first day home
Pearl - when I first met her, she had this sweet face with a very sweet voice. Whenever we held her and she was not happy with the hug, she will say meow but in a kind of questioning voice, like saying "Mummy, could you let me down, pretty please?". She is absolutely adorable!

When we got her, we were surprised to note that she shared Boboy's birthday as she was rather small, more of Dusky's size rather than Boboy's size. She is now nearly eight months but has not developed as well as I would have liked. Still, she is a cutie pie.

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