Sunday, 1 May 2011

Harbour Place Mall Fun Cat Show

Boboy and Dusky looking forward to the show
Just for fun, we entered Boboy and Dusky for the KKM Fun Cat Show at Harbour Place Mall in Klang. It was our first experience as a participant, I can honestly say it was fun for the humans but not for my babies. Dusky  freaked out and was really unhappy the whole day whereas Boboy fared better, he was enjoying the attention in the afternoon.

The day before the event, both of them had to have their nails cut, their ears clean and of course the mandatory bath. Obviously there were some complaints from Dusky but it went alright. By 6pm, both of them were clean, smelling lovely and hungry! By midnight, we had to remove the food bowl to start their fast but we left the water bowl for them, the poor babies.

For obvious reasons, our boys did not win but we came home with lots of goodies for them. As usual with cat shows, there were vendors selling their products at discounted prices or with lots of freebies. Since changing our babies' diet from one main meal a day to two main meals a day, we've decided to try a cheaper brand rather than the RC Baby Instinctive mousse. So we came home with enough canned and package food to last for one month with the hope that Mr Fussy Eater aka Boboy will be happy with the various flavours. Thank goodness he does not object! We still give them fresh meat or chicken just to keep the balance.

Pictures of the event :
Liza and Sara helping me carry the kids
Boboy being vetted by the doctor present.
He had to be checked twice as we had to clean his ears. Doh! After all the grooming!
Next it was Dusky's turn. He was ok.
Last minute cleaning
Mummy, this does not look like our room, it's too small!
Mummy, can we go home now? This place is scary!
Boboy being judged
Two very hungry kitten, very glad to be back in the carrier.

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