Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cracking the code to medication!

We've finally cracked the code to giving medication to the babies!!

A very scared Putra on the way to the vet.
He does not travel well and refuses to stay in the carrier.
Ok, ok, I posted this initially last week just before the Blogspot crashed. When the nice people from Blogspot reinstated my blog, my last post was missing and there was no backup. :(

So, for the newbies, the secret to giving medication to our feline friends is ....... READ ON. :))

If you have been following my blog, you would have read about our difficulty in giving medication. (Read here). Last few weeks, we had to keep going to the vet as one after another (except for Dusky), the babies caught the flu. So we had to learn fast as we have 4 kittens to give medication to!
Putra ran straight to the end of the carrier after the visit to the vet

Actually, it got easier to give oral medication to Boboy, Pearl and my new baby girl once you've mastered the use of the syringe. Yes, pop in the pills and before they can spit it out, give them water via syringe. They will definitely have to swallow! :))

But Putra is another story altogether. He refuses to swallow the pills so we had to crush the pills, mix with water and use the syringe to feed him. Although initially it was a bit messy, it works beautifully! So now everyone is happy, the baby got his medication, the Mama is less stressed out. :))

So now we have lots of the disposable syringe in the house. Just in case. :))

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