Monday, 23 May 2011

Pearl's status

Finally, after months of chasing the breeder, we manage to get Pearl's original registration slip!

Pearl sitting pretty on the hummock
The breeder initially claimed that he had submited the registration slip via email to TICA for approval and that TICA had approved the transfer, just waiting for the new slip from TICA. He had been saying that for the last couple of months. Out of exasperation, I had contacted TICA to confirm his claim. According to TICA, no such application were made by the said breeder. After confronting him with TICA's email, he still insisted that TICA was at fault but nevertheless he finally consented to give me Pearl's certificate to do the transfer of ownership myself. Imagine my surprise that he had not even signed nor completed the details of the transfer on the reverse side!

I was rather disappointed with the breeder as I had given him every opportunity to come clean and admit that he had not even sent the registration slip to TICA. But even with the proof in front of our eyes, he still blamed TICA for the delay. Bitter lesson learned!

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